Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have a lot of history together. These two stars dated on-off for a total of seven years. Even in the beginning of this year, they were seen together, and people were sure that soon, they’ll be confirming their relationship again.

However, things went downhill for whatever reason and Bieber decided to move on in his life in hardly a little time with Hailey Baldwin. Soon, he also got engaged to the model and then, last month reports of their marriage came out as well.

However, when you rush into things, they are bound to get complicated. Just like the Never Say Never singer’s “lingering” feelings about the former Disney star. Following Selena Gomez’s hospitalization earlier this month, Biebs has been spotted in an upset mood several times.

Soon after cameras caught him crying, he made sure to flaunt more displays of affection in the public with Hailey Baldwin. What is Bieber trying to prove? That he doesn’t have any feeling for his past flame? Well, his tactics don’t seem to be working.

A source has revealed to US Weekly that Justin might be infatuated with Hailey right now, but that doesn’t mean that he has completely erased Gomez’s memories from his heart and mind. As per the insider, “For Justin, there’s always going to be a soft spot in his heart for Selena.”

Oops! Is Justin now forcing himself to forget her? “Because you don’t just stop loving someone and caring about someone, especially when they’re going through a difficult time like she is, but he’s still totally infatuated with Hailey and he’s made Hailey his priority.”

Fortunately for Bieber, Baldwin is being very understanding. So much so that she’s actually dealing with the feelings her husband has for his ex. “He sees his romantic life going forward with Hailey and he has to separate himself from feeling guilty or bad about Selena because it wouldn’t be fair to his current relationship,” added the source.

“Hailey is still feeling secure in their relationship because of that.” Wow, how nice of her! Justin Bieber is surely lucky for having such an amazing woman in his life. Neither Selena nor the anyone of HB or JB has spoken directly about the current odd situation that this going on between them all.