Waking up every morning to put in your contact lenses and then spend the entire day in them only to take them off at night before heading to bed may make you look prettier, but it can be super inconvenient. This is why most people prefer to stick to their reading glasses.

However, while they are not as inconvenient as contact lenses and are comparably safer as well, reading glasses too come with some downsides. One of the worst cons associated with spectacles is that they can cause acne. Yes, you read that right. While this is not true in the case of everyone, some people can find zits making their way to their forehead, temples or upper cheeks because of glasses.

Why do reading glasses cause acne?

There are several reasons behind how and why contact glasses cause acne. First of all, some people are allergic to the material of their glasses’ frames. The nickel in some metal frames can trigger an allergic reaction. However, these allergies are not that common. In case an allergy to the material is the problem, try titanium frames as those are hypoallergenic.

Secondly, your glasses being unclean could also be at the core of the problem. The sweat, dirt and grime of all day long can collect on the frames which sit next to your skin and can cause acne. Moreover, cheap, low-quality glasses can also be blamed for breakouts. In such a case, changing your glasses is the best and only option you have.

How to take care of your glasses to prevent breakouts

While we’ve discussed several times how you can take care of your skin to prevent acne, if your problem is particularly caused because of unclean glasses, your focus should also be on keeping them clean. In this regard, here are some tips that you should religiously adhere to:

1 – Wash your glasses daily

The first step to keeping your glasses clean is by washing them with soapy water regularly. You can dry the pair off using a paper towel. Air-drying also works. This way, you can wipe bacteria off every day and keep them from collecting.

2 – Place your glasses correctly

We’re all very careless when it comes to where we should keep our glasses. When we wear them on our face, we’re likely to position them on our head often. This makes oil and other chemicals from hair products travel from hair to our facial skin which can cause skin trouble. Therefore, avoid positioning your glasses on your head.

What’s more, always have a carrying case by your side. Do not just keep your glasses anywhere as every surface houses dirt. When you take your glasses off, put them in their case and keep them clean with the silk fabric that comes with.

3 – Don’t stuff your face with makeup

Too much makeup combined with glasses sitting on your nose is not a good idea as that can block pores. This is why it is best to stick to subtle makeup. Also, use products that are non-comedogenic. Oil-free products keep your pores from getting clogged easily.

4 – Avoid glasses that are too tight

You know what they say; wear your own size. This doesn’t only apply to clothing but to your spectacles as well. Frames that sit too tightly on your face can clog pores along with being uncomfortable. Therefore, be sure to wear the right size that fits perfectly.

Talking about pore-clogging, also make sure that you don’t lie down with your reading glasses on while reading a book or watching TV. The pressure with which the glasses will be perched on your skin can result in breakouts.

Key Takeaway

To sum up, breakouts can be caused because of your glasses for three reasons – your frames are unclean, you are allergic to their metal or your spectacles are simply too cheap. This brings us to how you can take care of your glasses to prevent pimples.

For that, make sure you clean your glasses on a daily basis, don’t wear makeup that is too heavy or comedogenic and don’t place your reading glasses just anywhere. Keep their carrying case around and use non-comedogenic products.