Acne is like that bully who’s just waiting to pop up and destroy your life when you’re least expecting it. But unlike college bullies, this skin trouble nags you even after your teens. Gah, just when you thought acne was a thing that could only infiltrate and infect your skin in your teen years. Research shows that an increasing number of women have been tolerating acne not only in their twenties but in their thirties, forties, and fifties too. Yikes!

Even if you have never had acne tease you as a teenager, adult acne can plague you still. This time around, it has different reasons. Either way, no one likes to deal with the sudden onslaught of pimples because just no. It’s not cool, it lowers your self-confidence, and basically makes you want to hide in a cave till the turmoil passes.

If you’re a victim, you know how frustrating it can be. You can only solve the problem once you have all the factors in place. And for that you need to know the cause behind why this zit hell is breaking lose on you. Here are 7 reasons your skin might be acting up unexpectedly in adulthood.


Stress sits at the helm of all things bad. It also causes acne. It’s notoriously known for being so evil, it can be very difficult to get rid of. Stress means an increase in the hormone cortisol which in turn equates to a jump in oil production which encourages your pores to get clogged. A bad chain but unavoidable in most cases.

It’s not like you can say, “hey, stress! Uh, get out maybe?” But you can try to wave it away by practicing yoga or exercising. Yoga relaxes you and exercise makes you feel better thanks to its ability to unleash happy hormones like dopamine. So maybe exercise for even just two minutes a day to get those pimples going.


Hormones; they can be the culprit too. May be your skin is breaking out due to PMS which causes the release of progesterone which combined with testosterone can tighten pores and promote the production of sebum. And bam! Zit explosion! Also, hormonal imbalances caused due to birth control pills or menopause can also be a contributing factor.

What you can do? Use better products that work for you and combat excess oil production that is triggered due to an imbalance in hormones. Also, don’t hesitate to visit your doctor and figure out if something else is causing your hormones to go haywire.


Have you been eating more greasy foods lately? Greasy foods don’t just look like they have been, you know, deep fried in oil but they also have a similar effect on your skin. Also, a diet that has more than moderate carbs can also be the reason triggering your skin problems. Too many dairy foods can also cause acne. Research shows that people who drink too much milk, are more prone to acne.

As an alternate switch processed foods with organic ones. While it can be devasting having to part with junk food, it might be the only way to get rid of acne. What you eat reflects on your face and unhealthy food destroys more of your health than just your skin.


A lack of zzz can also cause one’s skin to breakout. If you have been struggling to make time for resting, and it’s showing on your face in the form of dark circles and acne, its time you reorganize your priority list. Sleep deprivation is strongly linked to higher levels of stress which is co-related to oil production which means pimples are coming.

Adults need at least seven to nine hours of restful sleep each night. No one wants to face the consequences, no? A sleep deprived mind functions poorly too, so napping will also work to stir your creative juices into wakefulness.


So what is your skincare routine? Perhaps the ingredients that you are using are harsh on your skin and causing it to react adversely. Also, if you are noticing an increasing amount of pimples on your skin every now and then, better not resort to using the same old products you did in your teens. You see those might not work in your favor anymore.

That’s because as we age, our skin tends to get drier and requires different products. Make sure your facial care routine doesn’t include products with a strong fragrance or chemicals that might be causing an outbreak. Choose wisely.


Okay, we all know excess makeup all the time can be super bad for your skin. It doesn’t let the skin breathe and suffocates it. That can sometimes be a cause behind bacteria making a place for itself in your pores and causing your skin to breakout. You might also be using expired products or unclean makeup brushes.

What you should do? Give your skin a break. Invest in a good skincare routine and make sure none of the makeup items you use are dirty or playing a role in harming your skin in anyway. Check the labels of makeup products before going ahead and wasting your money on those with sinister ingredients.


We know pollution is everywhere. But while you can’t keep it from touching your skin, you surely can keep it from making a home on your skin. Your surroundings also determine your look and it can be that staying too long in the heat, baking your skin under the sun in the name of tanning, or just not washing your face as regularly as it needs to be washed is causing acne.

If you are someone who talks on calls with the phone stuck to your face for hours on end and doesn’t wash the face afterward, you probably know this is the culprit. The bacteria from cellphones and the sweat can trigger acne. Be nice to your skin and keep it clean.


It has to be the sun. Too many people have a habit of soaking in the sun and that is not cool. Because obviously it’s hot, too much of it can cause sun burns and your skin can get irritated because of that with the signs in the form of pimples showing up after a while. While sun bathing has proven to be beneficial, everything is good in moderation.

To combat this, one can limit the amount of time spent in the sun. One can also use sunscreens. But these can also contribute to acne so one must be careful while selecting products. Try to stay in the shade and avoid the sun when its too hot.

To sum up, take care of yourself and see what major important things you might be overlooking. Eat everything moderation, exfoliate your skin, use the right products and take care of hygiene on an overall level. If nothings works, visit the dermatologist. Those people are here for a reason. Not every question can be answered through the help of a simple google search.