Today’s the day – Jordyn Woods’ interview with Jada Pinkett Smith on Red Table Talk is going to be out and fans are finally going to learn what the 21-year-old’s exact story is. Why did she make out with Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend? Why did she have her eyes set on a man who was not only taken but also known for cheating?

Several reports have come out till now each explaining a different reason behind why Jordyn decided to hookup with Tristan Thompson. But no words have been uttered by the model directly. The Red Table Talk show will finally give us one view. However, if like most other people out there you can’t wait to hear what Jordyn Woods is going to say know that TMZ has found out the gist of the conversation between Jordy and Jada.

The news outlet has reported that Jordyn is set to admit the truth on the show and to apologize to Khloe Kardashian. No excuses and no made up stories. Previously it came to public knowledge that Jordyn had made out with Tristan because she was drunk and couldn’t focus on what she was doing until after it had already happened.

However, the Kardashians didn’t believe this excuse even for a second because they knew that had Jordyn been drunk she wouldn’t have drove back home herself. Now in this episode it is said that Jordyn will admit that she was not drunk when the incident took place on last Sunday. In fact, she was completely in her senses.

Another source has claimed that Jordyn made out with Tristan because she craved attention something that she hadn’t gotten because of always being in Kylie Jenner’s shadow. But this story as well didn’t hold as much weight. A source has also said that the Kardashians are done with Jordyn creating new verdicts every day.

TMZ has also reported that after talking her heart out to Jada Pinkett Smith, Jordyn Woods is feeling a lot better and is also not as worried about her future as she was before the interview. Only yesterday, TMZ had another report regarding the matter in which it told fans that Jordyn was tensed that after this scandal her future was at stake.

She was worried because she feared the Kardashians would “ruin” her. She was particularly afraid that Kim Kardashian would come after her but now she’s feeling secure. Do you think there is a chance that what we’ll hear from Jordyn herself would be something entirely else? It would be good to hear an explanation for why she did what she did.

When the news first came out, Jordyn’s fans were disappointed in her because they thought she could do so much better than Tristan Thompson. Not only is Thompson known for playing with other women behind Khloe’s back, but he’s also not taken all that long to move on from his final breakup with his baby mama. Within just 10 days of the scandal, the NBA player has been spotted with another mystery woman already.