One of the many things we love about Camila Cabello is her fringe. The retro cut suits her and makes her look both cute and hot at once. And because she is an absolute sweetheart, the Havana singer has also revealed how she keeps her 70s-style bangs looking dope.

While exchanging words with InStyle magazine, Cabello said, “My go-to, even when I have a professional styling my hair, is to wet my bangs and let them dry by tucking behind my ears. They dry in this pillowy, curtain-type shape that gives off 1970s vibes. So easy, too!”

Camila Cabello


Love Camila Cabello’s haircut but fear that it wouldn’t work for you? Don’t fret too much because as per the style diva herself you should “go for it.” Cabello continued, “I would tell someone that’s thinking about getting bangs to go for it. Hair grows back, and even if you aren’t thrilled with the results, that ‘in-between’ phase can be really easy to work around.”

If you don’t agree with the 21-year-old on bangs being easy to handle, it can be because of your hair type. While managing a fringe cut can be a breeze for those with silky hair, ladies who have curls tend to have trouble rocking the hairdo.

After going solo, we’ll have to admit, Camila’s songs and her style have both evolved so much so that you can’t help but notice her. Not that she was ever unstylish, but the difference is noticeable.

Cabello’s style underwent a massive change once she left Fifth Harmony and her outfits and overall look didn’t have to match that of her bandmates anymore. “I think my style has evolved because I’ve evolved as a person.” said Cabello in a previous interview.

Currently Camila Cabello is dating Mathew Hussey and working on new music with best buddy Shawn Mendes.