Mess; whether its in your mind or in your surroundings, it can have an enormous impact on you. However, the mess that resides in your head is often a challenge to declutter. Whereas, the one that surrounds you? Decluttering that is possible. Did you know that the two are related? The more the things around you, biding for your attention, the more chaotic your mind feels.

We’re not the only ones saying that. Science backs this too. Studies have shown that decluttering has a positively calming impact on the brain. With fewer unnecessary things around you, keeping your attention off where it needs to be, you are bound to relieve yourself of some stress. In fact, some people find the very acts of decluttering to be a response by their body, a way they deal with stress.

A new worry sneaking in your life? Fold the clothes, wipe the dust off, wash the dishes, keep everything clean. So, you see, the point is, decluttering is beneficial for your mental health. Wondering how you can declutter? Here are 10 ways you can clean up the clutter around you to keep it from interfering and seeping inside your brain to contribute to stress.

Unsubscribe from emails and channels

Internet has us all confused. Ask yourself, how many important emails do you receive in a day? How many of the total emails that you receive are just those from brands and blogs introducing you to things you don’t need, articles you don’t read, and services you don’t use?

Start the decluttering process by unsubscribing to these email notifications. Keep your email inbox cleared up. Similarly, also unsubscribe from YouTube channels that you don’t follow so that you can watch videos that you want to watch.

Organize your computer

So, you’re done unsubscribing to newsletters and YouTube channels. Next, take a moment and clean your computer. No, we’re not talking about just cleaning the screen or the keyboard. We’re talking about deleting documents and pictures that are of no use. Assemble the rest into files and folders to keep it all from occupying too much space. Organization helps in more ways than one.

Give your phone a cleaning

Your cellphone stays with you all day long. While we don’t recommend you clean up your contacts’ list, you should delete all those applications that you have downloaded which you don’t even use. Many people download an app as it gains popularity and have that app stay in their phones forever despite never using it.

Keep only the essential and useful ones, delete the extra apps occupying space for no good reason. You can also delete text messages that seem unimportant. And also, music and any files that are no more of use to you.

Remove unnecessary things from your desk

Let’s get to the physical part next. Move your muscles and clear out your desk. There are bound to be a lot of papers stuffed here and there. Rearrange everything and toss the unessential papers in a carton ready to go out.

Clear up your friends’ list

Has social media been causing you stress lately? Are your friends on there important? If any social platforms are only a constant source of misery for you, delete them. Alternatively, just clean up your friends/following list. Unfollow or unfriend all those people whom you don’t recognize. The people whom you wouldn’t like to stay connected with.

Follow the same pattern in real life. The people who are of no importance because they are nothing but a toxic influence on you; decrease interactions and commitments with them. Remember, quality over quantity should be your motto.

Keep only the garments, shoes, and accessories you need

Your wardrobe is the place where impulse buys and bad choices hide. It’s time you open it up and give it a good look. Decide what you want to keep and what you would be better off without. Whatever you decide to part with, put it in a box. At the end, the box will have a collection of items you’re ready to get rid of, give it to someone in need.

Make sure your room is tidy

Your room is like the private space that you must take care of. It’s the place you go to when you want to be alone. So, it’s definitely not a good idea to keep it unclean. Tidy up your room. Set the bed sheets, clear off the dust, rearrange everything. Get rid of whatever you don’t or won’t need.

To sum up, decluttering will help you focus better. Make it into a habit. If your clean up the mess once only to let it pile up again, what’s the use? Start with your room and end up cleaning your entire house. Studies show that a dirty kitchen can make one want to eat junk food which is absolutely unhealthy specially if one makes it into a habit.

Take out a day or time in your routine and dedicate it to decluttering. The fewer the possessions you own, the easier it would be to deal with stress. Keep the vibe of your interior space and wherever you dwell; whether it’s your house, your car, or your Facebook account, a clean and fresh one.