Sometimes, it’s about the way she dresses. Other times, it’s that people don’t like her attitude. Then there are those who accuse her of photoshopping her pictures, and those who find it odd that she’s so close to her ex. Now there’s a whole new category of hate as it is being directed at her English.

We’re talking about none other than Kourtney Kardashian, the reality TV show star who is known for her young-ish looks and her latest venture Poosh. Basically, Kourt is being schooled on Instagram by folks who think she’s so dumb she doesn’t know her English.

On Sunday, the 40-year-old posted a picture of herself in a black swimsuit. The caption of this shot read, “We dived to see the statue of Il Cristo degli Abissi underwater (not pictured), but this is us right before.” A lot of people seemed to have a problem with her choice of words as they pointed out that it was “dove” instead of “dived.”

When the fan who earned the position as the top comment typed “Ummmmm, it’s dove” Kourtney Kardashian didn’t keep mum. She replied in the most savage way ever saying, “um, look it up.” Despite making it clear that she was confident that she’d used the correct word, people didn’t back off.

Comments that read, “*dove not dived lol” or “I can’t, it’s dove” still made their way to the comments’ section. In fact, the matter got stretched so much that almost all the main comments discussed whether its dived or dove.

Luckily, a lot of people jumped in to defend the mother of three. “Who the eff cares if it’s dived or dove? All of y’ all complaining here can’t even afford to dive to see the statue anyway, so carry on with your lives,” typed a fan. Another wrote, “All of the people typing dove remind me of those people who are annoyingly loud at the store on purpose and ALWAYS have to be right about everything.”

To offer clarification, one person commented, “‘Dived’ is the traditional past tense form used, but people will always be hypocritical.” This is not the first time Kourtney Kardashian has been slammed online. In fact, she’s landed into the laser-sharp hateful focus of haters several times before as well. Many people find it odd that she’s super close and cozy with her ex, Scott Disick, who is currently dating Sofia Richie.

One too many times the Keeping Up with the Kardashians starrer has been accused of photoshopping her pictures to look slimmer. At the same time, Kourt is also the one sister is who considered by many people to be better than others for many reasons.

Many think that she’s smarter in comparison and like her simply because she appears to have less surgical procedures done to enhance her physical features. Which of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters do you like best?