With summers come ice cream, long walks by the sea, and strappy colorful outfits. While layering in the winters is something we all enjoy, there’s no denying that after months of styling stuffed in clothing, a flowy short dress even sounds refreshing. However, it’s not all fun and games. Because as much as summers can be fun, sweat is also a part of the same equation.

In your mind, you might be imaging all your fashion detours for the warm weather but if you forget to take the sweat conundrum into consideration, chances are the summer will heat up a lot more for you. But you shouldn’t have to compromise on style or stay indoors in an air-conditioned room 24/7. Here’s how you can beat the heat and maintain your fashion game too when the temperature rises.

Go for cotton or linen

The right fabric can save you a lot of trouble whatever the season. In summers, you should totally avoid poly-blends because those will make sure your sweat last longer in all its glory. Go for breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. Avoid flimsy fabrics that are breathable but can stick to you thanks to the sweat and make you look like an absolute mess.

Avoid heavy embellishments

Light embroidery or adornments can make your dress look a lot prettier. They can also weight down the blouse a bit which will keep it from sticking to your skin. However, embroidery or heavy embellishments will make you regret your very move of leaving your house and getting dressed for the day as they’ll just make you feel hotter.

Wear fewer accessories

Another pointer to keep in mind: avoid heavy jewelry. You might feel like wearing a whole lot of rings and necklaces following this year’s trends, but it’s a better option to keep the accessories to a minimal. Small studs or hoop earrings that aren’t too large with a single bracelet will do. If you really are in the mood for layering your necklaces, make sure you go for light ones and are not wearing more than two.

Prefer a crossbody bag

Ditch your tote bags and your backpacks. Because of the heat, these can make you feel miserable. When you take off the bags they’re sure to introduce you to a lot more sweat than you would be expecting. Better alternative: a crossbody bag or another small shoulder bag. Choose a handbag with a long, adjustable strap so that it doesn’t have any direct contact with your skin.

Take care of your skin

Summers mean oiling which means zits. Keep your skin refreshed and avoid dabbing on a lot of makeup. It is often difficult to prevent that cakey effect that loads of makeup has when you wear it for too long in a weather that doesn’t approve of it. Do your skin a favor and go for regular facials. Keep it refreshed by following home remedies that suit your skin. Apply minimal makeup and let your pores breathe. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

Keep it covered

While it may seem both sensible and tempting to go for a sleeveless dress, chances are it will just expose your sticky armpits. Which is a no-no! Go for loose short sleeves and if you are wearing a strappy top, you can drape a light scarf over your shoulders. The lightweight material will be a blessing in disguise and will protect your skin from the rays of the sun. also, keep yourself from squinting in the sun and wear sunshades or a hat. Not only would you make a style statement, but you would also be doing a favor to your eyes.

Tie your hair

You don’t have to keep your hair open loose if the sun is unapologetically glaring at you. You can tie it in a cute messy bun or a high ponytail that doesn’t allow your hair to touch and mix with the sweat at your nape. You can also tie a scarf on your head and keep it from getting heated in the sun. Not only does it protect your hair, but it looks classy too.

Go for light and bright colors

Dark colors are going to attract and trap the heat, while light colors will give a fresh look. Go for light shades like pastels which are also in trend. Don’t avoid white and save it for some special occasion. In fact, white can be your go-to color for the warmer days. Make sure to not look too dull and add a pop of bright to your outfit as well.

Reinvent your clothes

When you sit down to declutter your wardrobe and put the pieces for summer at the front, make sure to see which of your winter items you can alter to fit the sunny season. You can crop your tees and your jeans to become crop tops and jean shorts. Similarly, a maxi can be shortened into a frock! However, don’t sit down to sew yourself unless you’re a pro at it and invest in a tailor.

Treat your hair well

Just like you give your skin the right treatment, make sure to show some love to your hair as well. Know that the hair routine that works for you on colder days wouldn’t necessarily do any good in summers. Both the seasons have different demands. Use the right products and keep your scalp fresh. Grease and breakage are two of the main issues among many others faced by your hair when the weather gets warmer.