Everyone loves food but at the same time, it’s highly important to be aware of what is on our plate. Working for a diet that is balanced is a great way for a healthy living.

However, in search of a healthy life, we at times end up mistaking a diet that is rich in carbs and low on fat as the good one. Studies show that the diet rich in carbohydrates may not be a good option.

On the contrary, good fats are encouraged more. So, how can you reduce carbohydrate when it is consumed in our everyday life?

Here are 5 ways to reduce your carbohydrate intake:

  • Avoid Sweetened Drinks

The TVC you might have watched last night showed you a glass of their brand’s juice as highly nutritious or maybe you need at least a can of carbonated drink in a day. But what you forget is that both of these drinks i.e. a processed juice and soda are full of artificial sugars.

If you want to reduce carbohydrates from your diet limit the intake of sweetened drinks. Instead of iced tea add flavor to water by adding lime or berries to it. Besides, instead of juices take the whole fruit.

  • No more toasts

Bread especially the one made from refined flour is rich in carbohydrates, which is again one of the basics that you need to give up if you want to follow a low carb diet. It’s better to avoid bread that claims to be made from whole grain.

Bread provides the carb that directly goes into our bloodstream. Although, it has fiber, it is relatively low. So, it is advisable to use nuts and other food items instead of refined flour.

  • Take Veggies but not the roots

Vegetables are not only nutritious but very delicious as well. These should be part of every diet, however, there are few vegetables that you need to avoid as they are rich in carbohydrates. The vegetables that are roots such as carrots and potatoes are discouraged when it comes to a low-carb diet.

You can enjoy all the other veggies. Start by taking more green vegetables and stir-fry them or make a salad. You can still take the favorites like corn and potatoes but that have them no more than once a week

  • Include Meat

With the reduction of carbohydrates, there may be some reduction in your energy level as it is carbs are a chief source of energy. This is the reason that your body needs alternatives. In this regard, it is advised to increase the intake of protein in your diet.

While taking proteins, make sure that you are having more of fish and then poultry rather than the red meat. Have these proteins at least three times a week but avoid processed meat as it’s high in the carb content.

  • Get your fat

This can become a shocker for many because all this time we are told to have a diet that is low in fat then how can we have fat? Research has shown that increase amount of good fats and lowering carbohydrates is beneficial for the body and may assist in weight reduction too.

Good fats have the tendency of controlling your hunger. It is found that those who have a high-fat diet tend to eat less and don’t overeat. You can include coconut oil and olive oil as they are highly saturated fat.

Wrap up

Though carbohydrates make most of our diet and especially when dining out it can be a trouble to decide what to eat, but few alterations in our plan can help us in many ways.