When Hello Kitty and ASOS had revealed the first part of their collection last month, fangirls had gone gaga over how pretty and cute the products were. The nostalgic feels were unbeatable. Well, now the second installment is here, and even though you wouldn’t have thought that it could get better, it has.

The previous drop of 40 pieces had girls swooning over the sequined sweaters, mismatched heels, and a very adorable white crossbody bag. The latest one has fancier pieces. Again, you get not only to revamp your own winter wardrobe, but you can also get some cutesy gifts for your loved ones. With Christmas just around the corner, we couldn’t be happier about this.

When ASOS mentioned on its Instagram that the second drop has arrived, people reacted exactly like we did. One user commented, “Has to be by far the best collabs 😍” While another expressed her love saying, “Party season has hit 🙌🏻”

This time around there are twenty pieces, again each with something uniquely Hello Kitty-ish about it. You’ll find a lot of tops and oversized sweaters, so if you’re looking for snug winter staples you know where to find them. Like the previous drop, this one too is for adult ladies and not for kids. There are a bracelet and a necklace in the collection as well.

Among the must-haves, the one item that stands out and has all eyes on itself is a rich burgundy colored velvet suit. Our personal favorites include a black mini dress all jazzed up with sequins and a bow and another white shirt mini dress with pockets and Hello Kitty bow motifs embroidered on the cuffs. The white plimsolls though would make for the perfect addition to your footwear collection.

Both ASOS and HK have collaborated with many brands and icons this year, but this one is by far the best. Better make your move for these lovely items soon though, because with how hit the collection has gone, we wouldn’t be surprised if it runs out in no time.