A new weird and bizarre trend has hijacked social media platforms over the last few days – Chinese women are posting pictures where a finger is position to hide the nipples and vaginal area along with an obsession with A4 sized waist made news.

This is yet another one of those social media trends that spawns from the habit of sharing almost anything from ideas to pictures and then imitating others and repeating acts that others have been talking and posting about.

Chinese women seem to be ahead in this particular trend as they have come up with a mind boggling version of making a heart shaped gesture with ones hands, and it includes using the same gesture to create a heart shape from the breast. Women have been posting pictures of their breasts squeezed like a heart all over Chinese social media.

The trend started with a live-stream hostess making a knot with her fingers on her breast to attract more followers and soon many others took it up as a challenge since someone on Weibo said that women with small breasts can’t do it.

Men also followed suit as pictures of a middle-aged man trying to squeeze his chest in a heart shape started doing the rounds on social media.

Such trends have also caused concern among experts who warn that this suggests an obsession with body image and promotes a worrying idea of beauty among women.