With this year being all about absurd eyebrow trends, it’s not surprising at all that another Instagrammer decided to attain fame by introducing another new way you can shape your brows. Presenting the heart eyebrows, with a heart shaved into the arch of the brow. Only that this trend turned out to, fortunately, be a big flopbuster.

No one bought the idea and the flimsy flame of the trend was watered before it had a chance to spread like a disease. The image the Instagrammer posted was definitely photoshopped because apparently even the proprietor of the trend didn’t have enough guts to go through with something like that.

The reason? No one wants to walk on such a risky rope. Because see, what if while shaving a teensy heart in the arch of your brow, your hand slips and you end up losing half of your brow? That wouldn’t even be acceptable in the name of fashion. How would you look when the hair starts growing back?

The post on Instagram was captioned, “Is this going to become the newest trend or nah??? Comment what you think👍🏽😊 #yayornay #heartbrows” While some people liked the cutesy trend, others expressed their frustration with the onslaught of crazy brow trends, and yet others pointed out how high maintenance the look is.

Even if you get it done by a professional the risk is too much. So really, no thanks, we’d rather stick to our original eyebrow game with luscious brows. With all these brows trends that have barged in this year; squiggle brows, feather brows, MacDonald’s brows, we’re starting to think that Instagram has been poisoned by some mischievous brow king from another dimension.

Then again, we don’t need to hate on poor eyebrow trends because people are just having fun. Like one person on Instagram commented, “It’s just a make up trend, let people have fun with it and stop being so damn rude if you don’t like it, thanks.”