Lemon has always taken the limelight with all the health and beauty benefits. We have all included it at some point of our beauty regime. But while lemons have taken over the spotlight, lemon peels also deserve some attention. The health benefits of lemon peels are numerous. In fact, lemon peels are also part and parcel of effective weight loss.

Health Benefits of Lemon Peels

It’s high time that lemon peels get their due attention and praise. To start with, let’s walk you through the 12 incredible health benefits of lemon peels:

  1. It is a good dose of vitamins

Lemon peels are good sources of vitamins. If you are looking to naturally supplement more vitamins in your body then you should be reaching out for the lemon peels. These are packed with greater vitamins than the lemon juice itself. Specifically, lemon peels contain 5-10 times vitamins than the lemon juice. There are high in their vitamin content of Vitamin A and C. These also contain magnesium, folate, beta-carotene, and potassium.

2. Boosts bone health

Since lemon peels are rich in Vitamin C and calcium, these help to promote good bone health. You’d be able to reap stronger bones with lemon peels. And these also help to keep rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and inflammatory polyarthritis at bay.

  1. Eliminates toxins

Toxins can be really harmful to the body as they accumulate and make a home in your body. Flushing these from your system is, therefore, really essential. The citrus bioflavonoids in the lemon peels can play a useful role here too. Thus, lemon peels should be your go-to natural ingredients for getting rid of toxins.

  1. Brings down cholesterol levels

Lemon peels do a great job in lowering the cholesterol levels. This adds another pointer to the health benefits of lemon peels. The credit for the successful role of the lemon peels in lowering LDL cholesterol goes to polyphenol flavonoids in their composition. Vitamin C in the peels also aids in clearing the blood vessels.

  1. Combats cancer

Lemon peels play an incredible role as a preventative strategy for saving oneself from cancer. The peels pose the presence of components called limonene and salvestrol Q40. These help to combat the cancerous cells. These also play a significant role in halting the division of the cancerous cells. Lastly, lemon peels help in riding the body of the carcinogenic element as well. So, these peels that we have been graciously wasting know how to fully serve as a protective shield against the cancer cells.

  1. High in the fiber content

Lemon peels fall into the community of citrus fruits by boasting a rich fiber content. Fiber, in turn, exhibits great health benefits. Lemon peels contain about 10.6 g fiber per 100 g portion. The fiber is responsible for improving your bowel movements and lowering the risk of colorectal cancer. At the same time, fiber also helps you in losing weight and regulating the blood sugar level.

  1. Good source of calcium

Calcium plays a range of critical roles in your body. Although we only happen to hold calcium synonymous with bone health, there is a lot more that it does. For instance, calcium is responsible for muscle contraction, impulse transmission, and hormone secretion. Other than these health advantages, adequate amounts of calcium can also help to save against bone fractures and osteoporosis. Lemon peels are enriched with calcium so that is another plus that can add to the health benefits of lemon peels.

  1. Maintains oral health

These also provide a good solution for oral hygiene and health. Lemon peels contain Vitamin C that is good for supplementing a lack of vitamins in the gums. Such a vitamin C deficiency leads to oral problems such as scurvy, gingivitis, and bleeding gums. These peels also contain citric acid, which helps to fight these oral health problems

  1. Good solution for skin problems

Lemon peels are rich in antioxidants that fight against free radicals. Although this is the typical mantra, the effects can be ugly if the free radical damage is not combated. Some of these are wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, and dark spots. Since lemon peels fight the free radical damage, these can help to fight these skin issues.

  1. Helps to control oxidative stress

Lemon peels also help to reduce oxidative stress. This is, particularly, due to the presence of citrus bioflavonoids. These are powerful elements to lower oxidative stress.

  1. Good for controlling heart-related diseases

Lemon peel is a rich source of potassium that works well for promoting good heart health. It plays a crucial role in maintaining heart function as well as muscle contraction. Hence, lemon peels are good for improving the heart health. Furthermore, the peels also help to reduce the soaring blood pressure and slash the risk of stroke.

  1. Promotes weight loss

Lemon peels also play an amazing role in helping to tone your body. These assist in weight loss due to the presence of pectin. It improves your digestion and cleanses the digestive tract too. This aids in speeding up the process of shedding extra pounds.

Now, that you know of all the incredible benefits of lemon peels, you would never wish to waste these anymore. In fact, you should add them to your diet or follow specific recipes so that you can reap all the health benefits of lemon peels.