Every year follows a certain trend train that travels a specific track before it eventually dies down or jumps onto the train that is headed to the station of next year. The past year just zipped by with several health and wellness trends that we all probably have memorized on our fingers. These include our obsession with the golden herb, turmeric, activated charcoal and with CBD. Just like all other times, we have multiple health and wellness trends 2018 to watch out for this time too.

Health And Wellness Trends 2018

There are lots of trends seated in the health and wellness trending buggy this year as well. Some of these trends are expected ones that have come up as a consequence of our actions such as planetary healing. Others trends are new and worth all our times too. So, here is a list of the health and wellness trends 2018:

  1. Planetary Healing

A major part of our health and healing is to heal the planet that we live on. As long as our vicinity is healthy, we’d stay healthful too. Other than that, the consequences of our actions are pretty evident in the many ways such as the worsening effects of pollution on our health.

Temperature extremes and pollution have worsened our chronic illnesses and the heat has also taken a toll on our food. Not to forget, climate change is pretty evident too. Last year also saw a large number of earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes, and extreme weather conditions. With experts confirming that the human actions do affect the intensity and likelihood of these natural disasters, it is only wise that such a trend of protecting the planet will emerge in this fresh year.

  1. The Sleeping Well Trend

2018 will see a lot of priority given to sleeping well. Most of the people not only in the US but around the globe complaint of insomnia or sleeplessness. The effects of a poor night’s sleep, of course, do not need any elaboration. It only amasses to the stress.

Resultantly, you will be seeing the market getting flocked with products that encourage sleep.

  1. Digital Detox

While social media is a good channel of connectivity, it boasts its own negatives too. In fact, there is a completely fresh round of research that is indicating that the use of excess social media shows several health disadvantages. These include social alienation, anxiety, drowsiness, and more. In fact, social media is also being pointed as a possible culprit in the increased numbers of teenage suicide and depression.

Therefore, digital detox will stand as one of the leading health and wellness trends 2018. There are new apps coming up that help you keep your hands off your phone. One example is the Forest App, which plants a tree after one has spent a specific time off the phone. Such a time spent free from plug-in accessories is going to be helpful in combating stress, getting improved sleep, and regaining focus.

  1. Salt Spa

Although there is no scientific evidence backing this but salt spas are another pointer to add to the health and wellness trends 2018. The basic idea is to sit in rooms that are made of salt blocks. This creates a salt environment that can help to recover from respiratory issues such as asthma and also helps with cardiovascular health and skin problems.

  1. Gut Fungi will take the Spotlight

In recent years, we have all learned that the gut bacteria play a key role in our digestive health. We have also gathered that these are significant in boosting our immunity. Any disturbances in their population can have negative consequences on our health.

But this year is going to give more realization to the gut fungi and their critical role in our health. Often, fungi are posted in the negative light. However, Mahmoud Ghannoum, Ph.D., one of the world’s leading microbiome scientists is the first to recognize the important role of fungi in our gut health.Thus, in 2018 we will be looking at innovative ways to optimize our gut health with not only probiotics for replenishing the microbiome gut composition but also the gut fungi.

  1. Infrared Sauna

An infrared sauna uses light to create the heat for your body. In the case of a traditional sauna, heat is used to warm the air that, in turn, warms you. The benefit of this kind of treatment is witnessed in the effects that it induces on your body. These effects are similar to that of moderate exercise in the form of vigorous sweating and increased heart rate.

This health trend is great as it affords a plethora of benefits ranging from weight loss, improved blood circulation, and detoxification. In a combat with traditional sauna, the infrared sauna also gains points on the fact that air temperature is not as hot as in the traditional sauna so people who cannot tolerate too much heat can avail it.

  1. Natural Beauty

The health and wellness trends 2018 will also see a boom in natural beauty. In the past few years, the concept was floating in mixed waves but now it has found a safe harbor. 2017 allowed us to carefully scrutinize what’s in the products we use. Thanks to watchdogs such as Environmental Working Group.

Therefore, you will be observing the growth of more green beauty and increased preference for natural beauty products. In addition to these health and wellness trends 2018, the new year has to offer several interesting fitness and yoga trends as well.