Have or have not Drake and Kim Kardashian shared more than a few words? Its well known to all their fans that these two don’t share any sort of friendship or any other relationship. But a new conspiracy theory about these two entertainers suggests that they are definitely more than just acquaintances – its says that they have slept together.

Um, is not that going too far? As absurd as this rumor sounds, it has a lot to it. Twitter user @tmorrison24 has dissected Drake’s tracks and come to the conclusion that the Canadian rapper has been telling people all along that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has been in bed with him. This Twitterer has made a series of tweets explaining his point and has garnered a whole lot of retweets and reactions with what he has to say.

He has made 23 tweets to be exact and has started his theory saying, “Drake’s been telling us for months now he slept with Kim K, we just haven’t been listening.” Now hear him out before you shout at him and tell him he is obsessed. You can read his tweets on his account but here are the four points that support his theory.

First of all, in his song In My Feelings, Drake refers to Kiki. Kiki also happens to be Kim Kardashian’s nickname given to her by her family. If you are a fan of the KKW Beauty founder you’d be knowing. She’s mentioned that on her Twitter several times before and in her reality TV show as well. Kiki is also a name of one of Kim’s color palettes.

Secondly, in his song Sicko Mode with Travis Scott, the 31-year-old says, “I crept down the block, made a right, cut the lights, paid the price.” Conspiracy brewer Tyler Morrison pulled out the map that lead from Drake’s house to Kim’s and pointed out how Drake could reach to Kimye’s home following the route he mentions in the song. It’s no secret that both of them live in Hidden Hills.

Thirdly, the Twitter user says that Kanye was the one who told Pusha T. about Drake’s son. Pusha T. later released a diss track revealing Drizzy’s secret to the world. But guess what? Drake didn’t drop a diss track unveiling the stories that could defame Kimye and decided to keep quiet. Why did he do that? Because he’s a nice guy.

Remember what Drake’s producer, J Prince had said? “I saw this going to a place that I feel would have ended [Kanye’s] career if Drake would’ve put out this song that he had on him. And definitely would’ve hurt families, and we’re not in it for that. That’s not Drake’s character to tear a man down to that extent.” Hurt families, huh? Perhaps, he stayed silent about his affair with Yeezy’s wife.

Then the Twitterer went on to explain how Drake has actually dissed Kanye in one of his songs called 8 Out Of 10 but we just didn’t notice. Last but not the least, in July Kim captioned one of her bikini clad pictures on Instagram, “I’m really shy….” And guess what? Drake used the same caption for one of his photos five weeks later. “I’m shy,” his caption read.

So, what’s going on here? Are these speculations true or false? While Kim Kardashian has not herself spoken out on the matter, a source who is allegedly very close to her told TMZ that the whole theory is entirely made-up with zero truth to it. TMZ writes, “our Kim sources say it’s all BS … that she’s never slept with Drake. Didn’t happen while she was married and didn’t happen before.” So, we guess the drama ends here. Unless someone has something more to add to it.