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If you are a celebrity, rumors are part and parcel of your life. But that stands true even more so when you are from the Kardashian-Jenner klan. Recently, the target of a rumor was none other than Kylie Jenner. One person took to Twitter to claim that the makeup mogul and her boyfriend Travis Scott with whom she shares a baby girl have broken up.

The Twitterer wrote, “YALL. Remember how my dad is a mover, and moves all the Kardashian/Jenner’s?????? Well home boy spilled the tea and told me that TRAVIS SCOTT AND KYLIE SPLIT. He said they moved all of Travis’ shit out of her house. Shouts to my dad for keeping up with the Kardashian’s.”

To add spice to the entire cooked up story, the user added, “Kylie also gave my dad more tequila so its lit.” So, have Jenner and her bae really went their separate ways? Nope, this concocted story is as fake as it looks. Because the 21-year-old star replied to it herself clarifying the air.

Kylie Jenner commented, “obviously fake. shit was never moved I never gave anyone tequila.” Seriously, though? Are people so bored that they actually have to brew rumors? If you are a true Kylie Jenner fan than you would be knowing that there was no stuff of the rapper’s in Jenner’s home-sweet-home anyway.

In an interview hosted by her own sister, Kendall Jenner, Kylie had said that she and her man “never miss a night with each other.” She further added, “we go back and forth from my Calabasas house and the city home that we actually got together.”

In a previous interview of Kylie’s, the social media influencer had said that her roommate was Jordyn Woods, her model best-friend. A source had said about Kylie and Travis’s living situation, “Kylie and Travis are not officially living together. He has his own place. They are co-parenting though, and things are going great.”