January 17, 2022

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Haslight dropped the It Takes Two brand following a take-it-or-leave-it complaint

A sharp blow to the latest record Hazelight Studio, It takes two, Widely acclaimed by critics and gamers. Powerful publisher Tag-Doo has forced the company founded by Joseph Fares to relinquish ownership of the brand after registering the claim, and certainly considers the title of the game to be too close to its own title. Contacted by our colleagues at Eurogamer, Haaslite said he could not ” Comment on pending controversies “But keep it” Hope it is resolved .

This dispute follows a number of past or ongoing issues involving various companies that have been attacked by Tag-Do and Publisher. Our colleagues were reminded that the company led by Strauss Zelnik was not in its first attempt. U.S. patent office records show that the publisher has filed numerous complaints against companies of all types and sizes, most of which are far removed from the video game market. There are actually restaurants, tattoo parlors, brands of books dedicated to music. To live, And even the Florida-based Ax Throwing Company. Dozens of such complaints could be counted and companies affected by the use of terms such as rockstar, social club, mafia or civilization.

If this complaint does not find a harmonious solution between Haslite’s lawyers and Tag-do’s lawyers, Joseph Forsyth’s studio may be put in a subtle position: before we talk about a possible sequel, let’s talk about its marketing. The first part under this heading? Should Hazelight rename its game? We need to find out in weeks or months.

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