Chris Evans aka Captain America is still single following his breakup with Jenny Slate.

Either the actor hasn’t seen any other woman romantically after that relationship or he’s in a relationship that he’s staying mum about. You never know it with Cevans who is famous for not speaking too much about his private life.

The 38-year-old star has dated a lot of A-list celebs including Lily Collins and Minka Kelly. However, his longest relationship was with Jessica Biel.

Though their love affair is more than a decade old, fans are still not over it. After Biel, Chris never quite got attached to the ladies who came in his life next. At least that’s what it seems like. None of Evans’ relationships has gained so much positive hype even though back when Biel and Evans were dating, there weren’t many Hollywood news sites or even cellphones!

Clearly, people are still obsessed with the former couple. But what about Chris? Why has he not been able to find love and why is he still living a lonely life with his pooch? In multiple interviews Chris Evans has admitted that he is ready for marriage and settling down.

But he hasn’t found The One yet. He dated Jessica from 2001 to 2006 and even though in the last year of their relationship they were seen together in a movie called London, it didn’t take long for them to separate.

Now Jessica Biel is married to Justin Timberlake. She started dating the indie singer shortly after splitting with Chris and got married to him in 2012. The couple even shares a daughter who was born in 2015.

But why did Chris and Biel breakup? According to what little bit Chris revealed to W Magazine back in 2006, it can be that it was Chris’ fault. He admitted to be like the “narcissistic drug addict” that he played in London, saying further that he’d been argumentative in his relationships.

And look at Chris now – he’s anything but narcissistic. The Knives Out actor is mature, loving, friendly and sweet – everything that a woman may want in a man. He’s changed a lot from his mannerisms to his dressing sense. It’s sad that he’s still alone even though he will definitely make a lovely father.

The exact cause of Jessica Biel and Chris Evans relationship is not known. They never discussed the details with paparazzi. Once the hottest, most attractive, lovey-dovey couple, even today, they don’t mention each other at all.