When you see him in a movie, he makes sure to leave you impressed. Not only are his looks mesmerizing and his charm unavoidable, but this is a talented man we’re talking about. However, there is one thing about Aaron Taylor Johnson that has always raised eyebrows.

Surely you’d have guessed what that is – his love life. The Kickass actor has been in a relationship with director Sam Taylor-Johnson who is more than two decades his senior. He got married to the Fifty Shades director in 2012 and shares two children with her.

The two celebrities make sure that amidst tight schedules, one of them always has time to be with their children, Wylda Rae Johnson and Romy Hero Johnson. And beating all odds as well as expectations, the actor and his 52-year-old wife have been going strong ever since they said their love vows to one another.

The star who played Quicksilver in the MCU met his “soulmate” when he was just 19. In a new interview with Sunday Telegraph, Aaron has opened up about how he fell for Sam the moment he laid his eyes on her.

One year after he met he on the set of Nowhere Boy, he proposed her. “I knew instantly with Sam that I’d found my soulmate. I knew instantly that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this person,” admitted the 29-year-old.

Though the age gap between the couple stretches to 23 years, Aaron never quite could relate to the people who were his own age. And though many people have criticized the number of years between them, they’ve never let it get to them.

What’s more, Aaron also said that he’s never felt like Sam was older than him or that her age was an issue. If anything, she’s more “energetic and outgoing” than her younger husband.

It’s always good to know that true love doesn’t have rules. And surely these two have made things work despite everything which is why they are still together. Here’s to hoping they keep proving people wrong and continue on being lovebirds.