Surprises are fun. But just as these are good, these can be a steady torture as well. Specifically, for folks who are truly, madly, and deeply in love with makeup. The same surprise game has been up on the card of the beauty brand, Hank and Henry Beauty. We are only left quizzing about what are the Hank And Henry Beauty new products that are releasing in the coming months of Jan-Feb in 2018?

The tease is still rolling. The latest Instagram post of the brand reads, “Remember when I was saying that I WASN’T PLAYING AROUND. Well here is another SNEAK PEAK of 3 more Lustre Lights loose pearls from #MyAlterEgoEyeKit collection coming out Jan/Feb 2018. ARE YOU LIVING FOR THESE COLORS ???”

From this, we can easily guess that there three more amazing shimmery colors that are to join the ranks of My Alter Ego Eye Kit Collection. The shades are a color play of glittery goodness. These Luster lighter loose Powders seem to be something that is totally worth the wait, as these are a fine blend of pigment, shimmer, and pearl. Check out the new shades below.

Hank And Henry Beauty New Products


Besides the color blast that we should be expecting in the January/February release slot, there is something else. It’s a lip product. But we are still not certain if it is a lip gloss or lipstick shade. So, the guessing game is still on. Supposedly, there is a little more waiting to do for gathering more information on what is coming out soon as part of Hank and Henry Beauty new products.

The best part is that a percent of the items sold by the brand are contributed to grassroots non-profit organizations. These help people, animals, or simply the planet. So there is a lot to be excited about.