January 17, 2022

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Halo Infinite: Xbox Series X / Series S / Xbox One X and One S for comparison | Xbox One

Straight homepage to Hollow Infinite. Just hours before his big comeback, Master Chief introduced you to the Xbox One, Xbox Series X | Invites you to compare S and PC versions. The halo is infinite.

Hollow Infinite is beautiful in quality, as expected

Then Son trailer A few weeks ago and Technical Analysis of Digital Foundry, Today is the time to compare Hollow Infinite on different platforms. Xbox One, Xbox Series X | Here is a comparison video of its performance on S and PC.

Without wasting time, we can start talking about graphic rendering presented from the beginning of the video with two modes offered for Xbox versions: FPS Boost and Quality.

It’s time to compare the shades and lights of each version. Again, in the quality and FPS boost mode for the Xbox versions compared to the PC version. It’s the same with framerate, textures or resolution.

So this description is all pretty cool, but in the end what does it bring? See instead:

Xbox One:

  • Dynamic resolution in 1080p with 30fps (typical 972p) framerate

Xbox One X:

  • Standard mode: Dynamic resolution at 2160p with a frame rate of 30fps (typical 1800p)
  • FPS mode: Dynamic resolution at 1440p (typical 1260p) with framerate at 60fps

Xbox Series S:

  • Quality mode: 1080p resolution with framerate at 30fps
  • FPS mode: Dynamic resolution at 1080p with a framerate of 60fps (typical 1080p)

Xbox Series X:

  • Standard mode: Dynamic resolution at 2160p with a frame rate of 60fps (typical 1800p)
  • FPS mode: Dynamic resolution 1440p, with temporary reconfiguration at 120fps (general 1188p)


  • Resolution at 2160p with maximum parameters via RTX3080.
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Overall Game Effects Xbox Series X | S better on the S, but the Xbox One X version is more comprehensive than the Xbox Series version, which is much to be expected when it comes to running resolution. Thanks to the SSD of these two consoles, the Xbox Series game versions also have much reduced loading times.

Campaign of The halo is infinite Available tomorrow at 7 p.m. Until then you can visit our place Test.