No matter how cheesy it sounds, most of us do make mental lists of our next year resolutions. And while at it, we also believe in the “new year, new me” anthem. While you can’t really color your face purple to change your look, one thing that you can do is give your hair a makeover. You can change the shade of your hair or you can chop it differently to walk into 2018 with a new look.

Talking about hair colors, you can either take some inspiration from celebrities. You can opt for a drastic change like Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez. Or you can strut in the funkier direction and go for mermaid hair.

Whereas with haircuts, we all have a signature haircut that defines our look. If you’ve not already found yours, perhaps you should look for one that suits your face cut best and makes your prettier features stand out. The haircut that even if you veer away from for some time, you always make your way back to it.

To hand you some ideas, here’s a list of haircuts that are always in trend and will make for a perfect choice to step into next year with a different look. You might as well be able to find your one true style here!

Long Layers

A long mane might sound like an old-school option but there are lots of ladies that can rock one without a hitch. Long locks allow you to try lots of different hairstyles from braids to high-pony tails and beyond. And since they’re cut into layers, you can make sure some strands come lose so that the effortless, not-tightly-slicked-back look can be aced.

Haircuts 2018


Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Amanda Seyfried and Jennifer Lopez are our key inspirations here. Though Kim K did paint her hair platinum this year, nevertheless, she didn’t ditch her long layered look. Same goes for the Waiting for Tonight singer. J-Lo was recently spotted sporting a statement long braid. This celebrity is also not keen on moving away from her signature style.

Though Kim Kardashian had tried a long lob for a while, she got back to her long tresses quite quickly saying, “Guys, I am back. Had to get the long hair again.” Extensions or no extensions, we think the long-hair-don’t-care look is pretty stunning! However, before using any heat products on styling your Rapunzel hair, be sure to use hair-protecting products.

Shoulder-grazing Lob

This one is modish and here to stay. The lob became a hit when Kylie Jenner switched from being long-haired beauty to a short-haired one. Then recently Selena Gomez also left her long waves behind for rocking a silver blonde lob. Even Blake Lively, to the surprise of her fans, chose to get a lob this year even if for just a night. However, the lob has always been there.

Haircuts 2018


Jennifer Lawrence had rocked it just a few years back. Then Divergent star Shailene Woodley also went for. Fashion fanatics called the lob the haircut of the year back in 2013 when Love Rosie actress Lily Collins rocked it and after that the cut has kept returning in varying forms. Pretty Little Liars alum Lucy Hale has also been a lob girl for the past two years.

Simple bob

Another haircut that has stood the test of time and is on-trend too, is the bob. You can go for a straight and sleek one like Emma Roberts and Olivia Wilde, or a tousled bob like Alison Brie. Not convinced yet? Chloe Grace Moretz rocked a bob too, one that gave super beach vibes. Even Taylor Swift, this year’s bestseller, has sported a bob.

Haircuts 2018


You can add bangs to the mix like the Love Story singer. Kerry Washington also has her hair cut into a blunt bob with bangs these days. Rachel McAdams, Dakota Johnson, and FKA Twigs are also among the celebrities who have had their locks cut into a bob. The best part is that the bob haircut is very easy to maintain.

Lengthened Pixie

Here’s a haircut that is even easier to handle; the long pixie cut. Jennifer Lawrence had sported a lengthened pixie back in The Hunger Games days. She passed on some inspiration to Shailene Woodley who rocked a lengthened pixie cut for her movie Insurgent. Kristen Steward had also chopped her hair to embrace this long pixie cut.

Haircut 2018


The genes of this haircut were inherited by celebrities this year as well. Fashion diva Cara Delevingne rocked a long pixie cut this year. The cut is versatile even though it may seem daunting at first. Katie Holmes and Scarlett Johansson also sported the lengthened pixie cut this year. Katie Perry stands in the line too.

About chopping her long mane, the Swish Swish songstress said, “Now I can’t hide behind it. I wanted to know that I could still feel beautiful and love myself without it. It’s fun, it’s freeing, it’s liberating, and I don’t think that ‘sexiness’ and ‘femininity’ is just one thing – long hair. I suppose the goal is to redefine what femininity means to me.”