Women are obsessed with their hair, men are also obsessed with women’s hair. And yet, there is so many misconceptions surrounding hair care and growth. Some will tell you that your hair will grow better when you do this simple magic trick while others will say to you that doing this or that will actually ruin the quality of your hair.

While some suggestions have some basis in science most are nothing more than myths. Unfortunately, people commonly believe these myths. So, let’s put out a list of mainstream misconceptions about women’s hair and bust all these myths that need to be debunked:

1 – You need to change your shampoo regularly

One common myth about your hair is that you should change your shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis for them to keep working. This misconception makes no sense. Sure, you need to change your hair products with the changes in your hair but there is no designated time frame for it.

What we mean is that once your shampoo and conditioner stop working for your hair only then do you need to change your hair care products. For instance, if you have recently gotten your hair colored you will need color protection shampoo and conditioner. And if you’ve gotten it straightened, again you will need a different product for its new needs.

2 – Stress will make your hair gray

Hair graying is not caused because of stress. In fact, your hair only gets gray because of an underlying illness or, most commonly because of your genetics or age. Example, some people experience graying earlier in their life because they have sinus.

There is no research that says that stress has any effect on the color of your hair. your hair gets gray when the production of melanin stops. Furthermore, the only effect that stress has on your hair is that of hair loss. If you’re stressed today you may notice after a few months that you’re experiencing more hair fall because in your hair’s growth phase you were highly stressed.

3 – Plucking out one gray hair will make more grow

Does it make any sense that if you pluck out one gray hair other gray hair will grow? It most definitely doesn’t. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry that plucking out your gray hairs would somehow reduce melanin production.

However, you should still not pluck out your gray hairs because when you do that this may lead to scarring and hinder hair growth in that particular spot. So, if you’re seeing a few gray hairs here and there, either leave nature to itself or visit a hair stylist.

4 – Regular shampooing will make your scalp drier or oilier

A lot of women avoid shampooing on a regular basis because they fear that their scalp would get dry and that would cause dandruff. In truth, you should most definitely regularly shampoo your hair if you feel like your hair has gotten greasier.

Because if you don’t, the grease would allow for oil production as well as bacteria formation which can lead to inflammation. And you must already be aware of how problematic inflammation can be. Hence, shampoo your hair as and when needed without the fear that it would get drier or oilier.

5 – You should never blow dry your hair

While there is some truth to the statement it is not completely correct. Yes, you shouldn’t overdo when it comes to blow drying because the explosion of heat can damage your hair. At the same time though leaving your hair to air dry all the time is also not a good idea to follow.

You see, when you blow dry your hair, damage is on the surface of your hair. On the other hand, air drying it can cause damage within the strands. Because, as water is left on the surface of the hair for very long it puts pressure on the proteins inside. Thus, your best bet is to let your hair air dry for some time before blow drying it on low heat in the end so that your mane is not damp.

6 – You need to brush your hair several times in a day

You might have heard of this one too – at least 100 strokes a day of the hairbrush are necessary for beautiful hair. Again, this is nothing more than a myth. If anything, you shouldn’t overdo with brushing your hair especially when you’re being harsh, because that can cause friction and frizz.

If you want to keep your hair healthy and beautiful, be very gentle with the strokes of your hairbrush. Start brushing from the tips and then slowly move toward the roots before passing the brush through your hair. Use a good quality hairbrush with natural bristles rather than synthetic hairbrushes or those which are broken and can damage your hair.

7 – You can mend split ends

Imagine two wayward pieces of your hair joining again because a shampoo did some sort of magic. Do you think that is possible? It most certainly isn’t. Yet, a lot of shampoos and conditioners from great companies advertise that they can somehow fix your split ends.

What’s even worse, is that people believe in these sorts of things and are even searching for remedies that they can follow at home for treating split ends. The only way you can make those split ends go away in truth is by getting a proper trim every 6 to 8 weeks and avoiding the excessive use of damaging tools.

8 – You can make your hair grow faster by getting it trimmed

Trimming only gets rid of split ends, it does not promote hair growth. Getting rid of the splitting and damaged ends can surely make your texture appear better and make your hair look thicker. But, it sure cannot do anything for your hair growth since your hair grows from its roots and not its tips.

So, how do you think that getting the ends trimmed will trigger the roots to grow faster? Hair grows slowly regardless of your ethnicity. It sure does seem as though for some people it grows faster, typically that is because of the texture of their hair. Curly hair and wavy hair do not appear to get longer as fast as straight hair.