Experimenting with new looks is something that every woman tries as part of her grooming. You may get an amazing haircut or try a new shade of lipstick that you haven’t given a shot before. However, if you are looking to try a different way to style your hair besides getting a haircut, then you can try hair accessories.

Not only are hair accessories easy to use but, if used, properly, they can arrest your audience’s attention. In most cases, these help manage hair better too.

Here is list some hair accessories to try:

  1. Bow

Minnie Mouse isn’t the only one to reserve the right of using a bow. You can try it too. For instance, you can get ribbons to tie a bow in your hair. However, that’s somewhat conventional because you can get some great hair bows from shops. There are small clips with ready-made bows pressed on top of them. You can wear them sideways or tie half of your hair and decorate them with a bow on top. In fact, bow-based rubber bands are also available.

  1. Hairpins

Using plain, black hairpins is pretty traditional. Presently, the hair accessories industry has advanced and refashioned hairpins in pretty designs that can polish your hairstyles. There is a wide array of hairpin collections to choose from including the printed and glittery ones.

  1. Hair clips

These have been used for a long time and offer a variety that is difficult to choose from. In fact, hair clips add a cherry on top of your hairdo. You can select from a broad range including duckbill clips, banana clips, flat clips, and barrettes to name a few.

  1. Beltway

This hair accessory brings the use of belts from waist to your hair. Styling with a beltway is quite simple. Just iron your hair and tie your hair. Swap the hair band with a beltway.

  1. Hair scarves

This hair item comes under the trendy hair accessories to try this summer. Summers make it difficult to let your hair loose. On such days, fold a pretty scarf vertically and use it as your tie for the hair bun. You can also add it to your hair braid or tie in around your head to keep the hair from falling into your eyes or on your nape.

  1. Hair combs

This is another stylish hair accessory to try. Not only does it hold your hair in place but also adds an elegance to them. You can also pick a stylish hair comb and add to your side bun for an amazing hairdo for a party or dinner date.

  1. Hairband

The idea that hair bands are for kids has hit the trash now. You can always style your hair with a hairband, especially, keeping in mind that hair bands come in a wide variety lately. Even men are trying them on. You can always try them this summer, as they will not only style your hair but also prevent sweaty locks from falling onto your forehead. It’s basically a nice measure to keep acne at bay.

  1. Pearls

Pearls are excellent add-ons to your hairdo. These can add a sophisticated look to your hairstyle. You can pick them online or you can simply reuse your old pearl necklace.

  1. Flowers

These are great for spring as well as summers. You can style your hair with artificial flowers, rhinestone flowers or real flowers too.

  1. Hats

You can always wear a hat on a bright sunny day. Hats are also a good pick-me-up option if you are having a bad hair day, which is pretty common for summers. The best part is that you can style them in multiple ways.