Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin finalized their relationship’s status last month. The news came after only a month or two of dating between the two. Despite Justin’s affairs with Selena Gomez, the Wolves singer was never really the one for him. The Never Say Never singer made sure to never let things get seriously messed up between him and has longtime pal Hailey.

The model met the musician when they both were merely teens. However, before now, it was never the right time for them to happen. Bieber didn’t want his growth phase to damage what he had with Hailey which is why their relationship came to engagement level only now. In his time with Selena Gomez, he was young, wild, careless, and as sources say, “immature.”

A source revealed to Hollywood Life, “It was never the right time for Justin and Hailey to get super serious before, they were both too young, and as Justin has said in interviews, he’s always been very conscious of not permanently messing things up for good with Hailey.”

The insider further added that Justin always had a feeling “that Hailey was going to be the one he would marry.” Looks like he had made his decision deep down a long time ago. The source also continued to say that JB is “ready for serious commitment now, whereas he was too immature before.” His love story with the former Disney star reportedly ended earlier this year.

However, neither of them confirmed their relationship despite getting back together at the end of last year. Currently, the Canadian crooner is busy making music, but that’s not what is on the top of this to-do list. According to Billboard, when paparazzi caught up to him recently and asked him what he had next on his agenda, the 24-year-old replied with a brief, “getting married.”

When he was asked who the lucky girl was he simply pointed to his fiancée Hailey Baldwin. Is not that cute? Bieber sure has a charm about him that keeps him a favorite! We don’t know when he and his model girl are set to get married but hints from here and there say that a Bieber Baldwin wedding is around the corner.

Meanwhile Selena Gomez continues to maintain her quiet on the topic of her ex-boyfriend. Quite frankly, this successful lady is bust being… successful. She’s in the list of Instagram’s richest, she’s the most followed person on the app, a singer who never fails her audience, a loved ambassador for Puma. Oh, and she’s also a Coach collaborator.