Hailey Baldwin might seem like she’s got it all, but that is far from the truth. While it seems that she’s made of confidence, in truth, the 22-year-old model only wraps confidence around like she owns it but doesn’t. She struggles with confidence issues while comparing herself to other people and thinking that she is simply not good enough.

Mrs. Justin Bieber took to Instagram to give a voice to her struggles and insecurities and jotted down a caption that started with her resolution to be more open in 2019. She went on to say that while everything seems amazing from the outside, that is not quite the case in reality.

“I’m insecure, I’m fragile, I’m hurting, I have fears, I have doubts, I have anxiety, I get sad, I get angry. I have had more days than I can count where I’ve found myself scrolling through Instagram comparing myself, comparing my looks, feeling like I’m not good enough feeling like I lack so many things and really struggling to be confident in who I am because I constantly feel like I’m just not good enough. Every single day is a confidence battle for me,” wrote Baldwin in the caption.

She further added that it was very challenging to be compared to other women and to be “picked apart” for the way she looks. She ended her note saying that women should lift one another up and that this year she was going to be more confident. Unless you have been living under a rock, you would be aware that several people are rude to Baldwin on social media constantly saying that she doesn’t have feminine looks.

Some have also compared her to Selena Gomez and stressed that she is not good enough. Hailey Baldwin’s long message for this year should be taken to heart – women need to lift one another up rather than drag each other down. Because it is females from whom mean comments typically come. It’s high time we stop being nasty online and support one another instead.