January 17, 2022

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Haier HAIPSJ64MC Induction Hop Test: When Technophiles Come Into the Kitchen

If there are less aesthetically varied home appliances than washing machines, it is induction hops. And HAIPSJ64MC are therefore unlikely to enter the design pantheon. Everyone is dressed in black, without any rudeness or superficial attachments, and speaking of sight, she is stripped. This temperament is reflected in the choice of simple lines, interspersed between them, allowing cooks to place their utensils on the cooking surface instead of in circles or squares; Because it is sometimes difficult to place the center of a character exactly in the center of an inductor, we spontaneously gain what we lose in ease of use.

Haier HAIPSJ64MC is not going to revolutionize the design of hops.

Note that these lines are the same length. For good reason, all four triggers pressed under the glass surface are identical, with a maximum power of 1500 watts (2000 W in boost mode). Their diameter is the same: they are 18 cm each. Slightly experienced chefs will regret the lack of this type, for example, which may prevent them from placing their gravy boat on a small fire, in which they slowly boil the soft Sichuan pepper sauce, which is waiting to cook four meats over a very large fire. The meat is fully heated to fry.

Temperance is found on the control panel, unlike a plate like this Hotpoint-Ariston HB 4160S NE, Play simplicity card. Many buttons lead to a timer and three keys needed to set four Sliders, One for the cooking zone. Good thing, so we have the presence of direct access systems, and there is no need to select a house to replace before proceeding with the operation; A simple touch Slider Reporter and voila. Admittedly, the “plus” and “minus” keys are often more practical than sliders, but the HAIPSJ64MC has only nine power levels, and we do not complain much against the interface, which does not position itself at the desired parameter. On the reverse side of the coin, the temperature in the vessels is controlled with less precision than the higher hop had 14 or 15 power levels.Electrolux EIV63443 For example, it proposes. However, in the context of daily use, we are most satisfied with this range.

You can easily control the control panel.

You can easily control the control panel.

The originality of the HAIPSJ64MC over WiFi connection is that the connectivity between the tray and the smartphone is simple. It’s actually here and after a few minutes of configuration, the hOn utility can control your blade from the fitted electronic terminal, and it is complete. Thanks to that, the field of possibilities of the higher license plate opens wide.

For example, you can choose one of the 5 automatic programs provided by the manufacturer (boil, fry, heat, melt, simmer). All that remains is to select the right hot plate, and a timer and instructions will automatically be sent to the hop if needed.

But above all, to go a little further in the connection, the HAIPSJ64MC cooking plate is provided with a thermometric probe and its support spatula – rather well thought out – punching solid foods or immersing them in liquids to find their center. Temperature. Note that this accessory is useless if the plate is not connected to the smartphone. In fact, the query sends information to the latter, who will use it in different ways, and the simplest will display it on the screen. No need to attach the probe to a small flat, smartphone and tray. A button in use or in the study is welcome, but it is not, and the whole recipe must be operated on (a message will appear on the smartphone to start the association), which is not very obvious.

The culinary probe can be attached to the spatula served on the plate.

The culinary probe can be attached to the spatula served on the plate.

However, hOn is categorized into six main categories (dessert, eggs, fish, meat, rice and grains, vegetables) that use the data collected from the study to help the user thank them for many special projects. So we choose the food to be cooked by navigating the wooden system, then the cooking method (pan, vacuum cooking, grill, zimmer, steam), the presence or absence of the study and a program is set up. By touching the “Start Now” frame, instructions will be sent to the hop to start cooking, and the user will receive a notification at the end of the process; Practical, fast, efficient.

The hOn application provides many automated programs and recipes.  (© Haier)

The hOn application provides many automated programs and recipes. (© Haier)

The application provides a list of recipes to follow step by step. When it’s time to cook, after clicking “Start Now” the appropriate settings (power level and duration of operation) will be sent to the hop, and notifications are still there.

As always, the user has access to some suggestions such as how to cook food and how to clean the tray … You can also adjust some options like Wi-Fi settings, access stats.

While not absolutely essential, the well thought out connection brings a real plus to the Haier HAIPSJ64MC, and you may lose interest in the product if you do not use it.

Unfortunately, if Haier had correctly taken the turn of the merger with HAIPSJ64MC, the culinary performance of the latter would have left a bitter taste.

At first, the warming will be very slow. It took him less than 13 minutes to get 3 liters of water from 25 C to 95 C. Large emulsions appear after 45 seconds, indicating a temperature of 100 C. In comparison, the faster model of this exercise (The D Dietrich DTI1116B) Three times faster.

Also causes boredom, which handles low temperatures very poorly. In fact, after two hours of heating, at very low power, our oil bath still reaches 93 C. If we know that melted chocolate retains the ideal texture to work at 55 degrees Celsius, we understand that the HAIPSJ64MC is not really suitable for pastry or long-term soft cooking.

Higher HAIPSJ64MC Temperature uniformity of induction hop.

Higher HAIPSJ64MC Temperature uniformity of induction hop.

Fortunately, not everything is so dark. As the heat pictures show, the heat is evenly distributed throughout the vessels. So there is no need to stir the hazelnuts more than necessary or move the steaks all the time so they are cooked evenly. We are very sorry for not being able to provide constant power and simulating the intermediate temperature by running at full capacity for a few seconds before stopping and restarting the cycle.

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