Ariana Grande just dropped her single ‘No Tears Left To Cry’ after a long time of staying in the no music territory. The song became an instant favorite and so did its gravity defying video. Now fans think that Grande’s next song is going to be about sleeping, dreaming, you known stuff related to R.E.M. The songstress has been dropping big fat hints that point in this direction.

Recently, the 24-year-old sent out mysterious tweets that have lead the audience to come to this conclusion. On April 28, she posted three letters “R.E.M” upside down. Fans were quick to point out that the list that is featured in her No Tears Left To Cry video also has R.E.M written. Grande also posted an Instagram story with a google definition of the acronym.


After one mysterious tweet, she posted another. The second one seemed very much like lyrics. It read, “Last night ….. boy I met you … yea ….. when I was sleeeeeeep … you’re such a dream to me…. And it was on a day like this … yeah … if you can belieeeeve … if you can believe … you’re such a dream to me.” Finally, a third tweet was also sent out with three cloud emojis and that’s all.



Fans are obviously very thrilled. Their suspicions about her first song were also on point and it is not the first time Ari has left crumbs. She seems to be a pro at keeping her fans on their toes! Apart from comments expressing excitement, some followers also seem to think that there are greater revelation possibilities.

A part of the audience thinks that Ariana might unveil this song as a surprise during her upcoming appearance on The Tonight Show which will be on air on May 1. One thing that everyone knows for sure though is that whatever would be coming up next from this singer’s side would be nothing short of incredible!