January 17, 2022

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Google encourages Apple to make iMessage compatible with Android

Apple has developed iMessage as a texting tool for American teens. The Washington Post wrote a lengthy article analyzing this phenomenon, and Google officially promotes Apple to make iMessage compatible with Android.

Google encourages Apple to make iMessage compatible with Android

The Washington Post recently published A long article dedicated to iMessage. Follows statements and other documents published during this article Great case between Apple and Epic.

This illustrates that Apple made a strategic decision a few years ago to restrict iMessage to the Apple ecosystem. Apple’s chief software officer Craig Federici said in a personal email in 2013: ” (…) I’m afraid it will be used to delete iMessage on Android [un] The iPhone is a barrier for families who want to buy Android phones for their children “Tim Cook, in another email three years later.” Moving iMessage to Android can do more harm than good .

Android users

Android users “green”

It is clear that it works, Apple was able to create a social network without actually creating one. Android users can exchange SMS / MMS with Apple users, but these messages will appear in a different color. Many such iMessage features are not available Memoirs For example.

IMessage users

IMessage users “blue”

The culture of iMessage is clearly embedded in Apple’s great strategy of integrating its hardware, software and services together. Wall garden It encourages people to pay more dollars for its relatively expensive gadgets and to be loyal to its brand.

Full advanced features reserved for iMessage users

Full advanced features reserved for iMessage users

In the United States, this strategy works: 40% of U.S. consumers use iPhones, but more than 70% of 18- to 24-year-olds are iPhone users (Source: Consumer Intelligence Research Partners). It creates social pressure among young people, which is the equivalent of a feature-laden social network that holds users back.

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Solutions already exist and we encourage Apple to join others in the mobile industry.

Hiroshi Lockheimer, senior vice president of Google’s platforms and environmental organizations, used the Washington Post article to encourage Apple to make iMessage compatible with Android: ” Solutions already exist and we encourage Apple to join other mobile industry in implementing them. We believe that people can connect with each other without artificial boundaries. It does not have to be that way. .

A Documented Strategy for Apple’s iMessage Lock. Using peer pressure and bullying as a way to sell products is detestable to a company with a humanitarian and equity stake as a key part of its marketing. There are standards today to fix this. https://t.co/MiQqMUOrgn

– Hiroshi Lockheimer January 8, 2022

Among the solutions, obviously RCS. It’s a kind of enhanced SMS that allows RCS to enrich conversations by adding options such as sending pictures or videos at high definition, creating group discussions, sharing status, and seeing if the recipient has read our message. Currently writing. You may have already used RCS Without realizing it.

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