With the George Floyd murder making headlines across the globe, the rampant racism prevailing in America has become visible. People are now aware, more than ever, of how the country is racist against the blacks and gives them lesser human  rights than it gives the whites. The new turn in the wake of this issue is that of the movie, Gone with the wind, coming under great criticism. The anti-black sentiments portrayed through it are considered to be racist, and people are talking against it all over social media.

Movie brought down by HBO:

Gone with the wind is a classic American cult movie, which was made in the backdrop of the American civil war. Recently, a lot of protests were held against the racism, which is portrayed through various movies. As a result, HBO Max decided to remove the movie from its streaming platform.

The history of Oscars:

The movie was shot in the year 1939, right after the start of the World War 2. Owing to its amazing story line, phenomenal casting and the top-notch acting. The movie won multiple Oscar awards, and was considered as one of the finest movies ever made in the American cinema. The unusual thing about this movie was that, for the first time ever, an Oscar was awarded to an African American, Hattie McDaniel.

Reason of criticism:

However, now, after so many years, the way the movie has shown the treatment of the white owners of their Black slaves has come under great criticism. The movie showed whites owing the black slaves around the year 1860. The way they treated their slaves was quite ruthless, and the movie, in a way, promotes it.

Why it is a wrong move?

Nonetheless, a lot of people have criticized this action by HBO max. According to them, banishing a movie doesn’t mean that we have brought real change in the society. The movie has been around for around eight years, and the damage must have been done by know (if there is any). Pulling a movie down and not showcasing it anymore is not the right way to pull racism out of the United States of America.

WarnerMedia needs to step forward:

The real way to end racism in the country and give blacks the right that they want would be WarnerMedia, the owner of HBO, to diversify its work space. By adding more and more people from diversified races would be the ACTUAL way to give some relief to the minorities.

What the future should be like?

At the same time, it is true that Gone with the Wind is a racist melodrama, which actually showcases slavery in a cruel manner. When one compares this movie with ’12 years a slave’, one can say that the latter is surely a much well written and sensible movie, which actually shows the miseries that the blacks have to go through while being the slaves of whites. Movie makers need  to be a lot more mindful while choosing the scripts that showcase such a sensitive topic to the audiences.