2018 is going to rain glitter. Glitter on lips, glitter on lids, glitter on clothes, and from the latest hair trend, Glitterage, that has barged into fashion town, it seems that this year even heads will shimmer. With sparkle being officially approved for morning events too, it’s pretty obvious that we’re all obsessed with all things shiny.

It all started with hair stylist Danielle Wade of Asteria Salon. This magician magically transforms hair to reach a whole new level of wonderfully mesmerizing. The word Glitterage has been coined by her from glitter plus balayage as that is the methods that she opted for.

The technique involves brushing on glitter minus the foils. It’s like strategically painting strands into a new wowing sparkly version. Wade shared a video doing the thing using Colortrak tools. She captioned it, “🔮🦄 GLITTERAGE 🦄🔮 ~~Making the world sPaRKLe one unicorn at a time~~”

The comments showed that people absolutely loved Wade’s creative idea. She also shared a video, later on, showing a glitter polished updo which also looked absolutely gorgeous! Other hair gurus seem to be in as much love with Glitterage as we all are. These glitter highlights are not permanent but pretty nevertheless.

While replying to one of the comments, Wade further explained, “it is glitter hair gel so you can paint it on wherever you want! I recommend brushing out some of the glitter before shampooing so it doesn’t all go down the drain. Depending on how much glitter gel you use, and how much you pre brush out will determine if you get it out in one wash!”

The best part? If you have an artistic hand, you can ace the look at home easily. You don’t even have to spray on a layer of extra shine as the glitter does enough magic itself.  You can either keep it bold, like the rest of the trends that this year has brought on. Or you can keep it simple by adding just a few streaks of the glitter effect. Either way, you are sure to turn heads.