We love the rhyme that Opening Ceremony pursues every month, leaving us weak in the wallets and pretty excited in the heart. The trend of rehashing the favorites is an amazing way of having our eyes glued to the stores to see what’s coming next. Well, this, month it’s the restocking of the sparkly sneakers whose first batch flew off the shelves in March this year.

Fast-forward to November and you have Opening Ceremony x Vans launching three similar yet different sneaker pairs in their collection that they call, ‘Glitter 2 Pack.’ It will be available in the stores as well as at openingceremony.com on November-glitter-8.

The summers saw the release of luxe satin Old Skools by the Vans and Opening Ceremony alliance. The fall is packed with a double dose of surprise that is painted in shades of shimmer in a limited edition collection.

For most of us, the collection is a dream come true for we have been chasing the dream of glimmering shoes since childhood. The brand has a way of selling miracle with a pinch of magic dust except for this time its straightforward pixie dust. Before this, we have seen Old Skools come in skins of feline prints, monochromes, as well pastels; these are basically designs that have our hearts.

The latest collaboration is going to bring to stores childhood glitter coated dreams. The Vans Glitter 2 Pack features sparkly Old Skool sneakers. Such that the all that glitter is, in fact, the gold collection is first of its kind for the legendary skate brand. The brand has never fully done a glitter coat on shoes but for its collaborator, Opening Ceremony, the brand was willing to make a plunge into the shimmer pot.

Co-founder of Opening Ceremony, Humberto Leon told Refinery29. “We thought of the glitter sole last year when working on our Year of China Pack and we’ve taken our time to make it perfect. We love the result, which looks and feels almost like jeweled candy. There’s a hint of motocross racing helmet, too.”

The Gorgeous Glitter 2 Pack Collection

The collection is going to bring forth 3 shimmering shades of sea blue, lavender-pink, and black-grey. The leather sneaker will be coated in sparkles with a contrasting side stripe. Matching laces will accompany the sneakers too.

To some, this footwear might sound like a complete episode of blink-blink, however, that’s not how the glitter on the sneakers rolls. Instead, the twinkling is more of a sophisticated kind that is not entirely flashy. The glitter coat only winks when it catches the light. Otherwise, the look is almost a matte finish so that the shimmer shoes are a cool cup of tea for all the people out there without an overload of extreme glister.

Each pair of the limited edition Old Skools will be set at $110 for these priceless sneakers that will lighten up your day just by looking down at your feet.

The First Ever Toddler Collection

As for pleasing the kids who should not be losing their heart over footwear that does not come in their size, the collection will be offering glimmering Velcro kicks in two superb pink and blue shades too. The shimmering construct is almost the same but it is topped with double hook and loop straps that are super easy to handle for the toddlers.

These glitter kicks will cost $60 for the young ducklings. For all those who often felt the need to add some shimmer to their dull life now they have the opportunity with the launch of this fall limited edition of glitter-coated leather sneakers.