Mothers day this year has come in a time when the entire World is locked down. People are stuck inside their houses, and coming out is not an option available to them. Social distancing is the norm of the time, and people are not able to connect to each other anymore. Mother’s day tends to get a bit difficult this time. This is specially difficult for those who are away from their mothers, and can not visit them anytime soon. However, if your mother is away from you, it doesn’t mean you are not going to celebrate this special day. COVID-19 is not going to affect your celebrations of Mother’s day.

Nonetheless, you can give your mother the sweetest surprise this Mothers day through the following ways:


a) Send her flowers:

Though most of the retailers are not working at the moment due to the lock down situation, a lot of flower shops are still offering their customers services. A lot of flower retail shops, including the Schafer’s Flowers  and many others, have posted on social media that they will be operational on Mother’s day. All you need to do is to call the shop manager, and place an order. When you will give the address, the company will deliver the flowers straight to your mother. The smile on your mother’s face will make your day, for sure.

b) Maker her favorite cuisine:

IF you are quarantining with your mother, you can surely make it possible for your mother to have the best surprise of her life. For that, you would not have to step out of your house, and can make her day amazing while staying indoors. If you are aware of your mother’s favorite cuisine, you need to switch over to YouTube. Find the best channel that showcases the making of your mother’s favorite dishes, and follow those recipes. You will be able to find most of the ingredients at home.

c) Tackle her tasks:

Mothers are the ones who keep the house in order, and without them it is very difficult to have a well managed house. If you live with your mother, you would have witnessed that first hand. However, if you can not manage any gift for her, all you need to do to surprise her is to tackle her tasks of the day. You can clean the dirty windows, manage the food, or trim the plants. Once you are done, show it to your mother and she will be thrilled.

d) Take advantage from the sales:

A lot of online retail stores have introduced exclusive sales for the occasion of Mother’s day. If you are good at surfing, you can go ahead and order something that your mother would love to have. Stores like Nike, Fanatics and Adidas have put up massive deals for mother’s day sale. At the same time, a lot of jewelry brands such as Tesoro and Damiani have offered great discounts on this occasion. IF your mother has a love for jewelry, you can order a few pieces online and surprise her.