You got to be careful with technology lest it gets you roasted. A Twitter user shared a horrible story recently where Siri treated her like one of those high school best-frenemy-forevers that your elder sister warns you about. @CeciMula took to Twitter to casually share the tragic tale of Siri betraying her. What happened with her is the nightmare that no one wants to be a part of.

Ceci wrote, “I JUST ASKED SIRI IF A CERTAIN BOY WOULD EVER TEXT ME AND SHE SENT A TEXT SAYING WILL YOU EVER TEXT ME TO HIM. My funeral will be held at 8pm this Thursday.” More than just an oops moment. What the poor girl was not expecting was that her tweet would go crazy viral and eventually reach the crush in question.

A few people pointed out that Siri asks for a confirmation before firing a text to which Ceci responded that she accidentally allowed the robot in panic. “Yeah I accidentally hit send trying to exit. Will no longer ask Siri for relationship advice 🙃” Take notes.

Ceci Mula


The Twitterati were very kind and supportive to Ceci, and consoled her, also sharing how they could relate to this incident deeply. At first, Ceci’s message was just ignored despite being read then later she updated her followers saying:

“Update!! Received a text simply saying: “haha” funerals been pushed up! BYOB!” Thinking that this might be the right moment, some peeps even came forward and asked Ceci to go on a date with them. Regardless, said crush missed out on a chance to spend a seriously hilarious moment with Ceci.

One person commented, “Girl chuck the dude that left u on read and take this dude Brandon, I’ll sponsor this date.” While this boy had some golden words to add to the convo that everyone can make use of, “Do yourself a favor and swipe up and turn on airplane mode before sending a risky text and I guarantee you’ll be able to stop the message from sending.”

Someone even said that she was waiting for this tweet to bring them together however that wouldn’t ever happen. Because Ceci just gave us all closure with her latest tweet that says, “Just want to take the time to thank everyone for their kind words & condolences during these tragic times. For those of you wondering, I did receive a text back & yes I was soon later hit with an unfollow. But in the words of our queen mother, Beyoncé (long may she live) BOY BYE.”