This year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion show would have one Hadid missing. Reports have been circulating that a handful of models have been denied visas to China and while we don’t know the reason behind why Gigi wouldn’t be gracing the VS runway in Shanghai this year, the news is confirmed. The supermodel took to Twitter to express her grief that she wouldn’t be able to waltz down the ramp this year.

Despite announcing back in August that she was all set to waltz down Victoria’s Secret catwalk in November. Gigi tweeted, “I’m so bummed I won’t be able to make it to China this year. Love my VS family, and will be with all my girls in spirit!! Can’t wait to tune in with everyone to see the beautiful show I know it will be, and already can’t wait for next year! 🙂 x”

Another three Russians models and one Ukrainian, have also been rejected visas to China, putting the high-end lingerie brand in a potentially stressful situation at the eleventh hour. Gigi’s absence hasn’t just elicited tearful emojis from the audience. Her being one of the world’s top models today pulling out of the show means that VS might have to face some struggle with PR.


While no one knows why Gigi had to make this move, it is obvious from her tweet that it was not something she or the lingerie company could control. Fans think this might be a result of the Chinese being unhappy with what the model did back in September. A video had surfaced in which Gigi appeared to be mocking the statue of a Buddha that she was holding. The 22-year-old was seen squinting, an act that angered the Chinese, as it was an expression of racism.

That was when hundreds of furious Chinese had openly told the star that she wasn’t welcome in their country for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. While VS has not spoken on the matter yet, Twitter users do have some opinions on why this is happening. Twitterati is of the view that this is because of her disrespect toward Chinese beliefs in that video.

One person wrote, “Because she offended their culture.” A huge lot had similar views. Another tweeted, “China did what was right! This is the consequence to her actions. May this be a lesson for her. Apologies doesnt erase the actions.” Some kept their comments simple saying she deserved this and that this is karma getting back at her. But there were lots of fans who commented in her defense and were upset that Gigi wouldn’t walk the runway this year.

Despite Gigi Hadid apologizing to the Chinese on Weibo, which is the Chinese equivalent for Twitter, from the looks of it the Chinese have not forgiven her yet. Most comments show that they are glad that she won’t be a part of the VS show this year. According to NST, one Weibo comment read, “Suddenly I have better feelings about VS. If she had come, I would never buy VS my entire life,”

Though this Hadid girl wouldn’t be there this year, her tweet makes it seem like she’ll be up and walking on the VS catwalk next year. Plus, her sister Bella Hadid will be seen on the VS runway in 2017’s show. This is the first time VS models would be flying to Shanghai for the show, also this year the brand opened its very first flagship stores in China. The show will air on November 28, stay tuned.