Supermodel Gigi Hadid slipped and just before tumbling to the ground she righted herself! The model was wearing a Zuhair Murad golden gown with a high neckline, kimono sleeves and a fishnet hemline. Gigi was looking her usual flawless in the gorgeous gown but perhaps it was a wee bit too long for her. She paired it with stiletto heels and bronze makeup, her gold hair cascading down in curls.

While on her way to the Glamour Women Of The Year Awards that were held on Monday night at Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, the IMG model was accompanied by her younger sister Bella Hadid. The 21-year-old sister was wearing a white silky suit with a sparkly silver bodice. Her hair was tied neatly in a sleek ponytail. As Gigi stumbled not so gracefully and had a few shots captured, she immediately tightened her hold on her sister’s hand.

In a flash, she righted herself, giggled a bit and got back into perfect model mode. Bella kept a straight face as she gladly saved her elder sister and the day. Boyfriend Zayn, with whom she just celebrated two years of togetherness, was missing that evening but the model’s mum Yolanda and brother, Anwar, were there to clap at the proud moment when Gigi received the award for the Glamor Woman of the Year.

When Gigi Hadid added this award to her resume she further proved that her being such a big influence on the youth of the today didn’t mean she didn’t have dull days. The 22-year-old after thanking a long list of people said, “I want to let you know that just because I’m standing here, winning this award, doesn’t mean that I have it all figured out. I’m so grateful for every opportunity, but that doesn’t mean that I wake up feeling like the Gigi that the world expects me to be on a daily basis.”

Her tripping on her way, either out of excitement, nervous, or whatever, just made her all the more relatable. She further added, “If you don’t feel strong every day, that’s okay, and it’s normal.” In her long and empowering speech, she showed that she was the right woman to look up to. Someone who understands the value of dreams, taking out time for oneself and living on positively.

It’s not just Gigi’s fans who love her to bits but Serena Williams who handed the award to her also does as she admitted she would leave her newborn for the Maybelline diva. Gigi sure has taken Confucius’s words to heart in every sense, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”