Gigi Hadid may no longer have Zayn Malik around, but she sure does have a loving fam. And loads of sass. The supermodel celebrated the night of her 23rd birthday in the simplest and most relatable way ever. She was not dancing at a party or cutting a mumbo-jumbo cake. No, like any other 23-year-old who is accepting adulthood, Gigi had Cocoa Krispies while walking into the 23rd year of her life.


“As we close in on midnight, I would like to share that my final meal as a 22 year old will officially be Cocoa Krispies. Thank you for your attention,” wrote the VS model on Twitter. Fans, of course, expressed how much they adored her with responses saying she had their heart, she was the cutest, and that she is a legend. Not only did she celebrate her birthday, but she also sent a shout out to the Earth.

She shared a series of shots on her Instagram of nature, and captioned the pictures, “every year, the day before my bday is Earth Day- and I’m still just a lil Taurus girl who finds so much happiness, contentment, and inspiration when I take a minute in nature and look around. 🌄 May we celebrate Mother Earth every day for all she gives and teaches us !”

Then the next day, on her actual birthday she sent out a shout out to Mother Yolanda sharing a picture of her younger self and captioning it “shoutout to my mamma.” Sister Bella Hadid also wished her elder sister on the social media platform just like she does each year. She shared their childhood snaps on Instagram stories saying that April 23 was her “favorite day of the year” and that these girls were the best of friends since the beginning.

“Best friends since the first time we met @gigihadid!!” wrote Bella. Mum Yolanda also wished Gigi on Instagram, posting a throwback shot of the two. “Happy birthday my sweet angel, thank you for being the first person to teach me the true meaning of unconditional love,” read her caption.

Father Mohamed Hadid did so too, sharing a video slideshow captioned, “She is 23 on her 23 The Golden Girl. The sunshine girl.” Apart from family, Karlie Kloss and Kendall Jenner also sent their love and wishes Gigi’s way. But all that doesn’t mean that Gigi didn’t celebrate her big day at all.

Looking absolutely gorgeous in gold, the now 23-year-old was seen stepping out of her NYC apartment with sister Bella Hadid who trailed slightly behind her to let the limelight shine on the birthday girl. Gigi was seen in a mini gold dress complete with sequins and tassels. Her hair was in her signature loose waves, and her eyes were elaborately done in glittery gold makeup.

Bella, on the other hand, was wearing an animal-printed fitted dress as they made their way to The Osprey in Brooklyn. Her hair was done in a glamorous up-do and hoop earrings completed her look. The girls were all smiles and joined by family and friends including mum and dad Mohamed and Yolanda.