Gigi Hadid just gave birth to a baby girl, and being ger ultimate fan, I CANT HOLD BACK MY EXCITEMENT. This baby was surely one of the most awaited babies of this year, and people all across the globe had been waiting for her arrival since so long.

On Wednesday, Zayn Malik, the father of this beautiful creature, confirmed the news of this little bundle of joy arriving on the planet Earth.

Just like most of the celebrities, he announced the news on Twitter.

Zayn said that his and Gigi’s baby girl has finally arrived and they both are extremely elated to share the news with the fans. He also said that the baby is healthy and well, and the family considers her arrival to be a thing of blessing for them.

Twitter, on Wednesday, saw the fans being extremely excited after hearing the news. Gigi and Zayn were trending on social media, which is a manifestation of the love poured over them by the fans.

Daughters are the cutestttttttt.

Zayn  and Gigi are already so good with the kids.


Such adorableeeee hands



Forever Together

Wishing all the very best to GIGI and ZAYN once again