Dry brushing may make us seem silly, it is completely worth it considering its health merits. To quickly recap, dry brushing is the act of using a brush with firm bristles on your raw skin.

When you dry brush, the bristles exfoliate your skin thoroughly. The pressure of the brush also stimulates your blood circulation and the lymphatic system. This, in turn, helps eliminate toxins from the body.

Let’s dig deeper into the benefits of dry brushing for your skin and body:

1. Exfoliates skin

Foremost of all, dry brushing helps exfoliate skin. As the bristles work on your skin, they will be sloughing off dead skin. Moreover, you can also unclog the skin’s pores with this action. As a result, your skin gets softer. As more of your pores open up, it also becomes easier for the body to sweat out the toxins.

2. Helps get rid of cellulite

Dry skin brushing is one of the effective measures for getting rid of cellulite. Couple it up with other home remedies and you can say goodbye to the extra mass in no time. Dry brushing assists in softening fat deposits below your skin, which can minimize cellulite. There isn’t solid research backing this but this is what is generally understood about dry brushing’s working.

3. Fends off anxiety

Thirdly, dry brushing can be stress-relieving. The act can be soothing, which helps ease the tension in the body. Experts recommend that you pick dry brushing as a stressbusting ritual even if you suffer from anxiety and depression.

4. Boosts blood flow

Dry brushing can improve the blood flow to your skin. With the improved blood circulation, your skin gets more oxygen and nutrients, which enhances its health. The increased blood flow also means that the blood can carry off metabolic waste. What’s more, poor blood circulation translates into pain, swelling, and varicose veins. Therefore, not only can you amp up your skin’s well-being, you can keep the development of varicose veins at bay with dry brushing as well.

5. It eliminates waste

The underlying aim of dry brushing is to encourage improved flow in the lymphatic system. This, in turn, aids your body’s metabolism and removes toxins accumulating in your body. Lymph congestion is a main factor culminating in inflammation and disease. Therefore, by massaging your skin with a dry brush, you are, essentially, helping your body get rid of the excess water and toxins.

6. Stimulates the nervous system

Dry brushing also wakes up the nervous system by stimulating the nerve endings in your skin. This is why brushing is considered as invigorating as it provides a jolt of energy if you are feeling tired. Another plus is improved skin tone. This benefit surfaces because dry brushing stimulates the nervous system as well as muscle fibers. This builds up muscle tone, which helps deal with sagging skin.

Getting started with dry brushing

Before you get started with dry brushing, you need to keep some pointers in your mind. First of all, don’t overdo dry brushing. The act exfoliates your skin, and excess of it can damage skin.

Secondly, practice dry brushing when your skin is dry. Thus, the best time is to dry brush before you shower when your skin is dry. Thirdly, pick a brush that has natural bristles, not synthetic ones. Lastly, use gentle pressure.

While the exact pressure varies from person to person, medium pressure is the maximum that you go for. Dry brushing can leave your skin slightly pink. However, it should never be red or inflamed so be careful.