Going on a date for the first time ever can get quite overwhelming. This is true for both men as well as women. However, for men, it’s particularly confusing as there are not much style options available to them.

Apart from blacks and greys, they find it tough to opt for other colours and shades.

If you are going through the same confusion, this article will let you know how to come out of it.

Follow the following tips and you will be able to swoon your date easily!

DO NOT overdress

Yes, a lot of people tend to make this mistake. They over-dress for their date, which turns off the girls on the first glance. I mean, come on! It is a casual date, not a job interview after all.

There is no need to add that extra blazer just to look ‘prepared’

Casual jeans and a fun tee would be more than enough to go on a ride with your date.

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Grooming is not necessary

IF you are looking forward to getting the hair cut or having that beard shaved, there is no real need to do so.

Reason? Putting too much effort into looking perfect may freak the girls out.

The tip is to look as indifferent and nonchalant as possible.

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Don’t shower your body with the perfume

I am sure you are taken aback to know this.

But, trust me, men, who exude flowery fragrance to the extent that it makes the girl puke are an instant turn off.

If you can’t live without it, just spray a bit of the deodorant on you, and you are ready to go!

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Over-accessorising will kill the chances of a second date

You like the girl but she doesn’t call you for the second time. You know why? Cause you made a weird impression on her by wearing way too many bracelets and chains.

OVer-accessorising is the worst thing you can do on a first date.

Just wear a cool watch and that would be enough. Also, skip the chain!

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