GREAT NEWS ALERT: KIM POSSIBLE WILL BE POPPING UP ON SCREENS IN LIVE-ACTION FORM! How cool is that? We’re a bit too excited and are sure that you are too! She was every little girl’s ideal back in the day. The cartoon series hit Disney channel first in 2002. It ran for four seasons and had a total of 87 episodes. Following that, it also got two spin-off animated movies; “Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama” and “Kim Possible: A Stitch in Time.”

The show was also nominated for the category of outstanding animated program for an Emmy award. And now, fast forward 15 years, we’re finally getting a live-action movie! Disney has been too generous recently. We’re getting live-action Aladdin, and Lion King too. While we’re already thrilled, this news has us jumping and spinning in circles simultaneously.

The movie will be created by the original creators of Kim Possible; Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley. They’ll write the script along with Josh Cagan, and executive-produce along with Zanne Devine. Adam B. Stein and Zach Lipovsky will co-direct the movie. The actors? For now, that is undecided.

In the cartoon series, Kim Possible was an auburn-haired, crime-fighting teen who balanced her life as a regular high-school cheerleader and a secret agent. She kicked the butts of all evil doers all without a mask hiding her face and with the help of her friends, Rufus, Ron Stoppable and Wade. One of the villains is Shego, a very stylish raven-haired competitor.

Earlier today, Disney tweeted the news and had fans screaming in excitement! (Yes, we can’t stop with the exclamation marks.) We’re totally throwing our vote in the favor of Chloe Grace Moretz for playing Kim, and Dylan O’Brien for taking the role Ron Stoppable, Zendaya as Monique, and Lauren Jauregui as Shego. The actual question stands though; who will play Rufus, the naked mole-rat? Oh, let’s just hope we get a befitting cast minus any disappointments.

“Mark and Bob created an enduring character and kids all over the world found a friend in her, an average girl who just happens to spend her off-school hours thwarting evil villains. Although Kim Possible ‘can do anything,’ kids and tweens found that this animated redhead was just like them.” said Adam Bonnett who is the executive VP original programming at Disney Channels Worldwide. Time to reset our ringtones to sing Kim Possible’s theme song.