If the news of George and Amal Clooney’s divorce entirely dulled your spirits yesterday, it’s time for you to rejoice! Because the Clooney’s are not headed for a divorce. In fact, they are not even separated. The entire story that Amal had left her husband and taken the twins along was made up.

Only last month, these two were spotted together and yet rumors claimed that they hadn’t met since August. Amal and George have been targets of such divorce rumors before as well. Now HollywoodLife reports that a representative of the Money Monster actor has told the outlet that “George is happier than he’s ever been.”

Reports said that the human rights lawyer and her husband had had a massive fight because of George’s carefree attitude. However, as per this insider George is a “family man.” The source said, “He used to have this raging social life and now he couldn’t care less, all he wants to do is spend his free time with his wife and kids and he’s actually quite thrilled by it all.”

Only last year, Amal had praised her husband whom she got married to in 2014. She called him an “amazing husband and father.” Rumors that were initiated by Radar Online’s report said that George and Amal were on the verge of a multimillion-dollar divorce because Amal was fed up of George’s behavior.

It also mentioned that the people who knew the couple well were already expecting this. However, worry not, these two are as solid as ever. Previously there was another rumor that had claimed that George was about to divorce Amal while she was expecting their third child. Well, neither was the divorce true nor was Amal pregnant with a third child then.

We guess last year did enough injustice by separating several of our favorite couples so let’s hope we don’t have a lot of breakup reports this year.