Good riddance to the days when gender dictated the dressing do’s and don’ts.

This is an era of Ungendered Clothes.

The term in research stands for clothing that is not defined by the gender. No limitations are attached to it and a person is free to wear the dress that he or she wants to. The year is 2017, the time when the differences in gender in all spheres of life died a sad miserable death. Gender has no say in fashion anymore. The societal barriers have been lifted. The differences have disappeared and are long forgotten. There is no compulsion whatsoever for the men to wear trousers and women fashion is not limited to the fancy attractive skirts.

Due to the eradication of differences the gender based fashion and most importantly clothes have been pulled off from the market. The brands are trying to attract the masses. Therefore, the fashion designers of the respective brands all over the world are introducing the unisex clothing that goes well on men and women alike. The introduced collections on the runway nowadays showcase models wearing a combination of men and women dressing style.

Most of the brands are following the genderless clothing trend.

John Lewis is the first one to officially demolish the concept of girls and boys tags on children clothing line. The famous brand, H&M also is following the gender neutral trend because they recently announced their denim unisex line in March.

Furthermore, more fashion brands are joining the bandwagon. Streetwear inspired brand known as Wildgang is also focusing only upon the ungendered clothing lines and it is attracting masses, mostly the young ones. The CEO of Wildgang, Emma Mcllroy calls upon gender defined cloths as restrictive. In her view historically, the gender based cloths dictated what jobs people can do, how someone can act, how someone can dress and that limits someone’s ability to truly self-express and reach their full potential.

Psychologists are of the view that ordinary colorless T shirts and tailored jeans are neither too feminine nor masculine in nature. The research suggests that when a person wears certain clothes he or she automatically decides to mold their whole self around it. That is from where the Concept of Self evolved.

By telling a girl to wear pink we tell her that she is supposed to soft and weak while the bold colors are mostly chosen for boys because they are supposed to be strong. Gender neutral clothes on the other hand promote self-realization. It allows people to express themselves exactly the way they are rather than getting defined by clothes. It gives the freedom to the humans to be who they want irrespective of their gender.

There is still a very long bumpy road filled with societal pressure…

But in 2016, we saw a major tilt towards gender neutral clothing.

The first one to step out was Jaden Smith, son of a well-known Hollywood actor named Will Smith. He walked out proudly on the ramp to showcase the Louis Vuitton Spring Summer Collection 2016 while wearing a skirt. Many eyes turned to him and he became a talk of the town. Harry Style proudly wore Gucci boats in public. Zayn Malik went around the media news wearing the ladies blouses and felt no shame in it. Justin Bieber is fond of wearing skinny jeans. A lot of celebrities are gearing towards gender fluidity in fashion.

The mantra is simple…

Embrace the ungendered fashion.

Don’t wear clothes to define yourself.

Just be the person you want to be.

Because after all, YOLO.