Halloween is coming up and you’re going to get another chance to be someone that is not you. If you are the sort of person who has his eyes glued to the TV screen all year round for that one TV series that you can’t live without then why not dress up as your favorite television show’s character? We’re pretty sure that would not just impress your friends but would also make you feel proud of yourself when you look in the mirror and find your Halloween-ready version staring back at you.

There are several TV show characters you can transform yourself into. Not only would you stand out of the crowd of Wonder Women and Batmen but your idea would also be creative. Here are some ideas you can make use of:

Game of Thrones

Sip some inspiration from this popular show, one that has been a fan favorite since years. Despite it having such a huge following though, you still might find trouble finding ready-made Game of Thrones outfits. If someone in your girl gang knows how to sew, you and your girls can dress up as Daenerys Targaryen, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, and Cersei Lannister. After all who doesn’t want to feel tough even if temporarily? Keep your look rough and rule this Halloween. GOT it?

The Originals

This show is on a break but that doesn’t mean that it’s dead. At least not yet, we still have one more season. You and your crew can dress up as TO characters from the 1800’s. The best idea would be to dress up as the-one-who-can’t-be-dead aka Michael Michaelson. Seriously, why does he keep climbing out of his grave? You can also dress up as pesky Davina or raucous Klaus. If you just want to be all handsome and aren’t in the mood of getting all dressed up, just be Elijah.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is about to come back to you and the best way to welcome it? Dress strangely this Halloween. Dress up as Steve and Nancy if you are a pair or as Eleven with her Eggos. The best part about showing up on Halloween as a Stranger Things character would be: firstly, you can nail the look without pouring in too much effort. Secondly, you can DIY these costumes. Thirdly, you can live your nerd-heart’s dream along with embracing one of the Halloween trends of this year. Yep, this shows’ getups are on the trend-alert list.

Teen Wolf

After so many years of having a love and hate relationship with this show, it finally came to an end this year. Bid goodbye to this show once and for all this Halloween if you are still suffering from the post-show-just-ended-and-it-hurts syndrome. There is no point being Stiles, but you can be a werewolf like Scott and Derek or a Kanima. Basically, if you get all creative, you can get lots of inspiration from the show. You can be one of those Wild Hunt dudes, the berserkers or the weirdly scary dude mummy with a bloody mouth that became Stiles back in season 3.

The Flash

Okay, here’s a superhero option. If you are into The Flash, you can totally get lots of costume ideas from this show. You can be Flash, Kid Flash, Zoom, Killer Frost, Vibe, or the Trickster. There’s just so many villains and heroes all dressed up in this show! You can choose to be one of the good guys and fulfill your geeky childhood fantasy of saving the day. Or you can be one of the bad guys. Basically, you and your entire squad can be the Star Labs team.