May 19, 2022

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Frontier abandons development of Elite Dangerous Odyssey on consoles – News

With a rating of 33%, Steam was approved by users as never before by borderline content, Elite Dangerous Odyssey He completely missed the mark by wanting to put his foot out of the ship to fully rediscover the exploration of the planets in FPS mode and accomplish the tasks.

Ten months after the launch, Frontier realized that insisting on publishing this disappointing content on consoles would not be so effective.Elite is dangerous Already significantly less than the system. In one Was contactedFounder and CEO David Braben announces it Elite Dangerous Odyssey Daylight cannot be seen on the consoles, and the people working on these ports will focus on PC content.

For the past few months, we have been thinking about the best way forward, and with a heavy heart decided to cancel all console upgrades. We can progress with the story of the game and to do that we need to focus on a coding platform. Elite Dangerous will continue on the console as it does today with important updates, but we will focus on newer content updates on the PC in the post-Odyssey codebase.“, Read on.

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