December 9, 2021

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From space, Thomas Baskett describes Earth’s climate impact to Emmanuel Macron

Speaking to the President from the International Space Station, the astronaut said, “These weather events are accelerating alarmingly.”

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“Through the window of the space station, one can clearly see the weakness of the earth.” In a video conversation from the International Space Station on Thursday, November 4, astronaut Thomas Pesket described Emmanuel Macron’s climate damage to Earth from space during his second mission into orbit.

“Do you really see the effects of climate change, concrete traces?” The President asked him from the table. “Unfortunately yes, Mr. Presidentt, Thomas Baskett replied. We saw the whole area burning, Canada, California covered with a cloud of smoke, with flames visible to the naked eye at an altitude of 400 km, south of France and Greece, and along the Mediterranean Basin. “ he said. He also described “The sad scene of tropical storms following each other”.

“Did you see any changes from your last job?” The president, who had already spoken with the astronaut, was chained. “Yes, these weather events are accelerating alarmingly.”, The astronaut replied, the discovery struck the head of state, who was silent for a moment.

“We need to expedite our commitments and their implementation. This is the purpose of COP26 and what we are all striving to do at the national, regional and European levels.” The President concluded by thanking the astronaut who brought it “This part of dreams and inspiration”.