For all the ‘friends’ diehard fans, there is some bad news! In the wake of the corona-virus pandemic affecting the entire globe, the latest casualty seems to be inflicted upon the Friends TV series reunion being delayed. I can definitely hear a lot of hearts breaking down at the arrival of this information. Same feel here, ya all!

The corona-virus pandemic has caused a lot of things to get delayed and postponed. Be it the summer Olympics games, the latest NBA games or now the friend’s series reunion, everything has taken hold. Where the sports lovers are lamenting over the sports activities halting, the FRIENDS lovers are crying over the delay of this much sought-after reunion of their favorite characters.

According to the reports, the filming of this reunion was to be held in the first week of March. All the preparations were done, all the casting was on the point and the arrangements were complete. However, with the corona-virus hitting the world, the shooting has been moved all the way to the month of May. If sources are to be believed, it is quite possible the schedule will start right from the first week of the month of May.

However, the two major partners contributing towards this reunion coming alive, Warner Bros and HBO have not commented on the situation. Both the companies have together decided to stay mum over the issue. This delay has surely caused a lot of financial retrain to both the companies, however, they still have not given even a single word to the media regarding this delay. Hence, the ensuing schedule is also not confirmed.

All the fans of the FRIENDS series had been waiting for years, ever since the series initially finished. After more than a decade, the official announcement of this reunion special was made by the company, after a revelation by the Hollywood reported. In the month of November last year, the news broke out about the Friends special, and ever since then, fans have been rejoicing. It is a thing of great excitement to see all the friends’ characters coming back together once again.

The main characters of the Friends original series include the big names of Matt LeBlanc, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, and Matthew Perry. They all have, ever since the original series has ended, made great progress in their professional lives. They have done various movies in Hollywood, along with a few series and seasons as well.

Friends, however, still stay the most special venture for them. In their individual interviews, they have revealed that this season has always had a special place in their hearts. Just like their fans, they always rejoice to watch the season time and again. The creator of this season David Crane was hence forced to bring the cast together once again. He found it a good opportunity in scheduling the reunion of Friends, with the entire team ready for the new reunion shooting.

In February, the official deal was finalized, and the reunion of the season of friends was announced to the world. The official cast was also revealed at the point of time, with the Burbank studio opted for the shooting. This is the place where the original series was actually shot.