Lights, camera, action: Take one: A small chocolate bar stands quivering in the corner, guilty for putting the additional pounds on one of its latest subjects, a woman who is a deep chocolate lover

Take two: A bar of chocolates zigzags through the tunnels, running with speeds that it has previously never attained. The bar with a beautiful, lustrous golden wrapper has been trained with delicacy, always being consumed with a slow passion but today runs at the speed of Flash to avoid the cops trying to trace its location for its crime of breaking free acne on a teenage girl’s face.

Take three: The spotlight shines brightly on the bar of dark chocolate, as it stands proudly at the center of the room, surrounded by proud researchers, passionate women, and dedicated lovers. The news just recently hit the town, ‘chocolate saves the day by promoting glowing skin and cardiovascular health.’ Wait what?

Roll back to the background of take three that is painted with lyrics of the benefits that chocolate, specifically good quality, organic chocolate with a cocoa content greater than 70%, poses lots of advantages for the skin, hair, and overall health of a person.

There has been much criticism concerning chocolate consumption and the poor guy has been blamed for more than acne breakouts and weight gain. Of course, lots of quantity of anything can add to those stubborn pounds, whereas, a poor quality can culminate in acne. However, this is not the full side of the story.

As if less media coverage has been attributed to the matter, inadequate is known about the good twin of chocolate. Dark chocolates help to repair dry skin. It contains vitamins A, B1, C, D, and E that promote greater moisturization and provide a healthy glow to the body. You can also do away with dead skin cells for a refreshing look with a DIY chocolate scrub. This one can be made with vanilla, cocoa powder, brown sugar, and olive oil.

Dark chocolate also protects the skin from sun damage. The choco magic is rich in flavonols that are clinically proven for protecting the skin from redness, sunburn, and other means of UV damage. If applied directly to the body, chocolate can play the hero’s role in hydrating and repairing body parts that have been showered in the sun. But that doesn’t mean that you part ways with your sunscreen.

Chocolate that is high in cocoa content boasts anti-inflammatory properties that fight the bacteria in the gut and also cut inflammation in the brain. This promotes good heart health. So the next time your heart calls out for chocolate, don’t hesitate in having some.

The dark dude is also rich in antioxidants so that it fights free radicals and makes your skin soft and supple. This also contributes to some anti-aging stuff. You have all also practically observed how the sweet divinity can help to uplift your mood. This is because chocolate reliefs stress by reducing the stress hormones. This also translates into a glowing skin so you go yay-ing throughout the day with the good mood and skin.

The story’s protagonist also improves blood circulation to the scalp that encourages growth of lustrous and healthy locks. Since it is a circulation-booster, chocolate also plays an effective role in curbing hair loss.

Not to forget, chocolate is enriched with minerals like zinc, potassium, and selenium. A rough estimate is a 100g bar of dark chocolate containing 67 percent of RDA of iron. Since it’s packed with fiber, dark chocolate can also help to lose weight by keeping you full so that you will eat less. In fact, dark chocolate is a pro at this, even better than milk according to a study. Plus, it may also reduce cravings for salty, sweet, and fatty foods.

So go grab yourself a bar, you’d be doing yourself a favor.