December 9, 2021

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Forza Horizon 5: Already 7 million players, the biggest release for Xbox! | Xbox One

ESegafan Without any animosity towards me: Did you play (over 10 hours) before criticizing those who have an opinion about what is going on in FH5 and not going ?! I have a suspicion … and this habit of highlighting only identified faults (because yes they are, there is no offense to fans who always defend a “brand” at all costs) However, I would say the game is fantastic and deserves its success. Short

Because there is no bitterness or anything else (eternal “returns to”: what an extraordinary review, I really appreciate the imagination … or not), j ‘explains what I experienced in my first hours of the game (confirmed again in the next 10 hours). Everyone knows the “positive” points of the game, the press / streamer / etc all have already done the work for the playground. No need to add 3 layers!

We know it’s a beautiful game, fun, etc … but no one talks about the problems we face. When this is the case: either we are humiliated, called a hit guy for entertainment, or told to look elsewhere because “fans” do not want to admit that there may be winks and worries (whatever the media / game / studio) and so, we can not always see only the positive side. It makes me realize that it is you, not me, who has to go to without taking criticism like you do.

FH5 is a clean copy and paste of the previous one, which is already the previous one. I have more than 25 hours of game, if the scenery is not different, I think I was in FH4, especially since some of the racing tracks are similar to the tracks already in FH4 … should be checked.

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Digital Foundry also underscores the “issues” in the PC version, where systems are less and more comprehensive than FH4 … strange. This does not prevent the game from being better (Should I write in capital letters too? You can see very well that I am not only saying negative things about the game)

A special site? And ?? I mean tennis or gardening, right? Or do I constantly compare myself to Sony or Nintendo? LoL

I often feel like I am on a site that specializes in Xbox fanatics. In a game / studio / … Problems of the game but one …). This site specializes in xbox, thanks for pointing me to it whenever I have not noticed … it’s good, because I’ve been playing on Xbox since the first generation. But it’s not, because I’m not a separatist like some who feel like a “player” (you will understand when you come of age) above all and a “brand, Xbox, PlayStation or anything else ready to do to protect Nintendo., It’s pathetic.”

So, I kindly ask to stop comparing me with people. And then on your side, what do you bring into the equation? Can you tell me for a second what you thought about the game, your feelings, your opinion, whether it was positive or not ?! No, you posted an answer for the pleasure of “breaking” the person who dares to say what he thinks, but without insulting all those who do not go to your intellect. I can not cope with wasting my time responding to messages like this, but if someone attacks me for free, I’m not the type to get angry. ;-)

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