May 24, 2022

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Fortnite: Season 2 Chapter 30, Update 20.00, Construction Completion, Climbing, All Details – Fortnite

After a long wait, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is finally available. As always there have been many changes on the battlefield. We offer you Summary of all new features and changes made at War RoyalBy Update 20.00, coming out this Sunday, March 20th In the morning.

Details and new features of Fortnite Update 20.00

End of construction

As we told you, there have been a number of major changes that have greatly changed Fortnite’s gameplay. Those who rely on this system will undoubtedly confuse and gain dominance over their enemies. Is the end of construction. Players can no longer create to go to one place or defend themselves from others.

Super armor
However, in order not to leave yourself insecure, Epic Games adds a super shield that allows you to get extra protection. It drops to zero and regenerates even if it takes up armor and HP.

Fast sprint, and climbing

On the more pure game page, theThe speed of movement increased. Whatever the basics or sprints, you will now go fast on Fortnite. However, to control the fast sprint, a gauge is placed to prevent it from being abused.

Other major novelty is the possibility of climbing in some areas. In Apex Legends mode, you can help yourself with your hands to get to a higher place. Finally, you can open the doors with your shoulders.

New weapons

On the side with the gun, Two new weapons have been introduced, the war submachine rifle and the explosive assault rifleOthers are reintroduced:

  • Thermal Scotch Assault Rifle (Modified – Semi-automatic, Flammable, Damage Reduced, Retreat Increased)
  • Drum shotgun (modified – fire slower, slightly increased damage, less spread, less projectile drop with distance)
  • Revolver (Modified – faster shooter, reduced damage, better accuracy)
  • Remote explosives (replaced – increased damage against vehicles)
  • Thermal Scope Revolver (foreign weapon)
  • Scout sniper rifle (foreign weapon)
  • Even though there were no weapons, the shockwave grenades came back!
  • Stalker assault rifle
  • Special gun of the attackers
  • Automatic rifle
  • Fist gun
  • Stinger Submachine Gun
  • Single Shot Hunter Rifle
  • Dark Stalker pistol (foreign weapon)
  • Elite Six-Shooters (foreign weapon)
  • Separator (exotic weapon)
  • Explosive sniper rifle (foreign weapon)
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New transportation methods

If you want to travel fast, but do not have a car, You can use siege cannons, Which allows you to travel long distances. Another Battle Royale is another well-known feature.

To finish with these innovations, We will refer to cities occupied by IO or Rebellion, while it is possible to repair your vehicles with a new material or equip them with a stone plow to make them more solid.. Customizable Picox can also not be opened in War Pass.

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